'Lost' Roundup: Yunjin Kim Ties the Knot, and Elizabeth Mitchell Doesn't Want To Die Again
'Lost' Roundup: Yunjin Kim Ties the Knot, and Elizabeth Mitchell Doesn't Want To Die Again
It's not often when we get a lot of Lost-related news that's not necessarily connected to an upcoming episode, so here's a rare Lost roundup. Yes, there's some history being made.

First off, congratulations to Yunjin Kim for getting married! E! Online reports that the girl we all know as Sun tied the knot yesterday with her boyfriend Jeong Hyeok Park. They met in 2002 when he took over as her manager.

A representative for the actress wouldn't give other details regarding the wedding, which was held in Hawaii--just a day, according to sources, after she finished shooting her very last scenes for Lost.

Elsewhere, Variety reports that Mark Pellegrino--Jacob, or Supernatural's Lucifer--has landed the lead role in the indie film Joint Body. The film is about a parolee who's barred from meeting his daughter when his wife leaves him. The film also stars Friday Night Lights' Alicia Witt and True Blood's Jim Parrack.

Advertising Age reports that the show's series finale, which airs on May 23, will cost advertisers $850,000 to $950,000. It's nothing unusual--it's a series finale after all--but it will still blow your mind when put in perspective. An average of $213,000 every 30 seconds? Did they just blow your mind? No? Island still trumps that? Okay.

Finally, the Chicago Tribune's Maureen Ryan got to talk to Elizabeth Mitchell about her return to Lost as Juliet. Not much new information, really: she said she isn't sure about the number of episodes she'll be in after February's premiere, since she's shooting all her scenes in one day or so.

The one thing she hopes doesn't happen: "I don't want to come back and die again," she said. "Hopefully, they listened. We'll see."

(Image courtesy of ABC)