'Lost' Resuming Production Next Week
'Lost' Resuming Production Next Week
Believe it or not, there are only three installments of Lost remaining before fans will be left with a month-long cliffhanger due to the writers' strike.  According to an article in The Honolulu Advertiser, Lost will resume production in Hawaii on March 10, just ten days before the air date of the final pre-strike episode.  There will be five more episodes shot to wrap up season 4, with new episodes set to begin airing on Thursday, April 24 in the new time slot of 10pm.  Losing a massive production like Lost during the 100-day strike definitely impacted Hawaii's local economy, which is just one reason why the Honolulu film office is thrilled to have the show return.

Before the strike ABC had a crew of about 240 production members working on Lost around the clock, and much of that group will be returning when the new episodes are filmed.  While film officials in Honolulu don't know the exact economic impact of the strike, they are happy that the labor troubles are over.  The film industry regularly spends about $200 million in Hawaii every year, and that number is bound to be significantly lower at the end of 2008.

"It certainly made an impact to us, because we had such a big show," Honolulu film commissioner Walea Constantinau stated.  "A lot of people who worked on that show felt it."

The commissioner also pointed out that Hawaii didn't just lose access to Lost and various film projects during the strike, but they also missed out on pilot season.  Television pilots are usually approved in December and begin shooting in February or March, but that's been scrapped this year due to the labor dispute.  "I am sure there were missed opportunities," Constantinau said.

If you're lucky enough to live in Hawaii, stay on the lookout for the likes of Matthew Fox and Evangeline Lilly. They'll be back to work on the remainder of Lost's amazing fourth season next Monday.

- Don Williams, BuddyTV Staff Columnist
Source: The Honolulu Advertiser
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