'Lost' Recap: Sayid is Good at Being Bad
'Lost' Recap: Sayid is Good at Being Bad
John Kubicek
John Kubicek
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Previously on Lost: Sayid was alive, then dead, and now he's alive again.  Claire and her new friend Flocke swore a vendetta against Kate.  Jack and Hurley went to the lighthouse to help Jacob bring someone else to the Island.  And in the altverse, Jack has a freaking son.

As always, "Flocke" refers to Fake Locke, Jacob's Nemesis currently using John Locke's body.  It has nothing to do with The Hurt Flocker, my Oscar-nominated documentary short following the aftermath of the tragic day when Captain Sullenberger killed several members of a flock of geese with his plane.

Good vs. Evil: The Sayid Jarrah Story

Is Sayid a good guy or a bad guy?  Dogan's weird torture test said he was bad, so he's banished, but as soon as Claire shows up, Sayid is good enough to stay.  I guess good and evil are relative on the Island.

Sayid acts good when he does just as Dogan asks and stabs Flocke when he goes out to talk to him.  However, this is useless and Flocke sends Sayid back with a message: Jacob is dead and anyone who wants to leave the Island forever should come with him.  Anyone left in the Temple at sundown will be killed.

In the end, it turns out Sayid really is bad now, because he drowns Dogan after a boring story about Dogan being a Japanese banker whose kid got hurt, then he slits Lennon's throat.  But they got off easy, because without Dogan's protection, Smokey can come in and wreck havoc, killing everyone he can find.  I'll admit, this was the best scene of the season, with the Smoke Monster hauling ass through the Temple.

Unsung Hero: The Miles Straume Story

The most underrated person on Lost has to be Ken Leung.  He barely gets to do anything, but when he does, he's awesome.  Of particular greatness is a scene where Kate returns to the Temple.  First Miles calls her out for being rejected by Sawyer, then he informs her that the formerly pregnant Australian chick who's weird but still kind of hot came back.  Miles deserves a lot better than random exposition.

On the bright side, he gets reunited with some old buddies when Ilana, Lapidus, Sun and Ben show up to rescue him from Smokey.  Ben tries to get Sayid, but after seeing that he's gone over to the Dark Side, Ben puts his feet into reverse and backs out of there.

Mommy War: The Kate Austen and Claire Littleton Story

Kate finally finds Claire and tells her all about how she took Aaron and raised him for three years.  That's not a great idea, given Claire's position of killing baby stealers.  But Kate is too oblivious to be scared of Claire, even offering to jump down into the hole she's being held in to avoid Smokey.

When all is said and done, Flocke actually stayed true to his word as everyone who left is safe with him.  His two acolytes, Sayid and Claire, join him and even Kate seems to be along for the ride.  It's unclear whether Kate is confused or if she's been recruited and claimed.  I'm guessing it's the former, because there's no way Lost would turn her evil this early in the season.

I Love My Sister-in-Law: The Altverse Sayid Jarrah Story

Alternate universe Sayid was still a torturer and he still loves Nadia, only this time Nadia is married to Sayid's brother Omer.  Omer borrowed money from bad men and got the crap beat out of him for it, so Sayid takes care of business.  He meets the loan sharks (Omar and Keamy from the Kahana, of course) and proceeds to kill all of them, because despite what others may think, he is not a good man.  Adding another level of confusion, Sayid hears something in the back and finds Jin, tied up.

Is it just me, or is the altverse starting to feel like Pulp Fiction?  It's a bunch of random stories loosely tied together that may or may not be anything other than an intellectual exercise by an incredibly nerdy writer.

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