'Lost' Recap: Jin, Sun and a Special Package
'Lost' Recap: Jin, Sun and a Special Package
John Kubicek
John Kubicek
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Previously on Lost: Charles Widmore returned to the Island to get Flocke, Sawyer and Kate made plans of their own, Richard got a message from his dead wife about stopping Flocke, and Sun and Jin have been separated since the Kahana exploded back in season 4.

What Are the Best Jin and Sun Moments?

This week's episode, "The Package," is all about Jin and Sun, which is good because there's no such thing as a bad Jin and Sun-centric episode.

Oddly, the episode starts with night vision goggles staring at Flocke's camp.  That's not good.  Flocke has a nice chat with Jin, revealing once again that he has no idea which Kwon is the Candidate, but that all the Candidates must leave the Island together, otherwise they can't  leave.  Flocke also has a talk with Claire, revealing that Kate's name is now scratched out on the cave wall, so that after she helps gets the others on the plane to leave the Island, he doesn't care what Claire might do to the woman who stole her bay-bay.

Flocke decides to go off for his own mission, and as soon as he does, Jin tries to leave and find his wife.  That plan is shot down when the whole camp is hit with tranquilizer darts.  Widmore's team, in night vision goggles, arrives and find who they've looking for: Jin.

Sun on Gilligan's Island

Team Jacob waits for Richard's return, but Ben isn't so sure he's coming up.  Ilana has faith that Hurley can get him, but as Miles points out, "Unless Alpert's covered in bacon grease, I'm not so sure Hurley can track anything."  As always, Miles gets the best line of the episode.

Sun heads off to her garden where Jack wants to talk about Candidates and destiny.  Sun snaps, because she doesn't give a crap about all this Island mumbo jumbo, she just wants her husband.  He leaves, but Flocke shows up.  He offers exactly what Sun wants: her husband.  But Sun is much too smart for that, so she runs away and Flocke chases after her, eventually knocking her out.
Later, Ben finds her and brings her back to camp.  She was knocked on the head and now she only speaks Korean, but she understands and can write English.  Seriously?  I'm 100 percent certain this happened on Gilligan's Island, only this time Sun wasn't hit in the head with a coconut.

Richard returns to reveal his new plan: to stop Flocke from leaving, they need to blow up Ajira 316.  Sun is strongly against it because all she cares about is leaving the Island with Jin, but Jack talks her down and convinces her that he's going to help her.  Call me crazy, but I do NOT trust Jack at all.

Jin and  Widmore's "Package"

When Flocke returns, he's not very happy, so he and Sayid go off to Hydra Island for a special mission.  Flocke meets Widmore, but can't pass the magic pylons, so he just offers some generic threats about war.  Flocke then returns to his camp, without Sayid, because the torturer was left behind to find out what's in the secret locked room on the submarine.

Jin wakes up in the infamous Room 23 on Hydra Island where Zoe wants to know about pockets of electromagnetism on the Island, since Jin signed off on maps showing such areas when he worked for DHARMA.  Before he says anything, he wants to talk to Widmore.  Zoe takes him, and Widmore is upset that this happened so early.  Zoe suggests he should've hired a mercenary instead of a geophysicist to lead this mission.

She's tasked with going to the submarine and taking "the Package" to the infirmary.  Widmore then gives Jin Sun's camera from the plane and for the first time, Jin gets to see Ji Yeon.   If your heart isn't completely gooey after this scene, you're a monster made of steel.  However, if Flocke gets off the Island, Widmore promises that everyone Jin knows and loves will be gone.

As you almost certainly predicted a long, long time ago, the "Package" is actually Desmond.  Welcome back, brother!  And it's just in time for a Desmond-centric episode next week.


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