'Lost' Recap: Boom Goes the Dynamite (Page 1/2)
'Lost' Recap: Boom Goes the Dynamite (Page 1/2)
John Kubicek
John Kubicek
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Desmond is in the altverse, suddenly awakened to its connection to the real world, but now Lost is all about Hurley.  The jolly lotto winner has spent most of this season being Jacob's minion, doing and saying whatever the dead man tells him.

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Even though this episode is about Hurley, he's not the star.  The star is the shocking twists and turns.  Someone dies, someone is thrown in a well and someone is hit by a car.  Also, if you ever wanted to know what the Whispers on the Island are, this episode provides the answer.

It starts with Hurley at Libby's grave, wanting to talk to her about the crazy stuff going on.  He hears the Whispers and suddenly Michael arrives to tell him that letting Richard blow up Ajira 316 is a very bad idea.  Too bad Ilana is already off getting dynamite from the Black Rock.

Back at camp, Ilana returns with the dynamite, but Hurley warns that maybe Richard is wrong and blowing up the plane is not a good idea.  Ilana is very confident that she's doing the right thing, trying to save the Candidates, and then ...


Yes, Ilana gets blown up.  She's dead.  After six seasons of ominously foreshadowed deaths, this explosion comes out of nowhere and is easily the most shocking Lost moment in a long, long time.

And just like that, Hurley sides with Richard and the whole group heads to the Black Rock for more dynamite.  Ben seems hit the hardest by Ilana's sudden demise, noting that the Island was done with her.  Once they arrive, they learn Hurley isn't with them.  Instead, he's running out of the Black Rock right before it blows up.  Two explosions in one episode?  Awesome.

Richard's next plan is to get grenades from the DHARMA Barracks, but Hurley disagrees.  He says he's getting messages from Jacob, though he won't prove it.  Jacob tells him to talk to Flocke.  Sorry Hurley, but I have to seriously start questioning Jacob's orders, because that sounds a little nuts.

The double explosion of the episode causes Team Jacob to blow up as well.  But instead of Jack vs. Locke, this time it's Hurley vs. Richard.  Ben and Miles side with Richard while Lapidus, Sun and Jack stay behind on Team Hurley.

On the trek to Flocke, Hurley admits that he didn't talk to Jacob, he just wanted to be in charge.  Jack is totally fine with this.  They hear the Whispers and Hurley goes off to find Michael.  Hurley deduces that the Whispers are actually all the dead people who are stuck on the Island and "can't move on."


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