'Lost' Recap: All About Jacob and the Man in Black (Page 1/3)
'Lost' Recap: All About Jacob and the Man in Black (Page 1/3)
John Kubicek
John Kubicek
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With only four and a half hours left, Lost is pulling out the big guns and answering major questions with an episode entirely devoted to explaining the backstory of Jacob and the Man in Black.

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If you want answers to all of your questions about the Island, this is your episode.  But the crazy part is that aside from some past footage at the very end of the episode, "Across the Sea" doesn't feature a single series regular, and Mark Pellegrino, Titus Welliver and Kenton Duty are the only familiar faces.  This is a totally different and surreal experience.

There are no clips from previous episodes, we just jump right into a woman shipwrecked off the Island.  She washes ashore and we find that she's about as pregnant as Claire was.  Her name is Claudia and she's quickly found by a Mystery Woman on the Island played by The West Wing's Allison Janney.  Janney looks ragged and a little nuts, but she is AMAZING in this episode, as she is in everything she does.  Hello, Emmy nomination for Guest Actress in a Drama Series!

Claudia wasn't alone and the Mystery Woman promises to find the others.  Claudia goes into labor and pushes out a boy named Jacob.  But it's not over, because there's a second baby.  The other twin comes out, but he doesn't have a name.  Jacob is wrapped in white swaddling and the other baby is in black.  So I guess that answers that question: Jacob and the Man in Black are twins.  Claudia wants to hold her sons, but instead Mystery Woman picks up a rock and kills her.

Thirteen years later, the twins are now Justin Bieber-esque tweens.  We learn that young Jacob is actually the mysterious boy in the jungle Flocke has seen several times.  The Boy in Black finds a game with black and white stones and wants to play, though Jacob is scared that their mother, the Mystery Woman, will find out.

Jacob returns to the Mystery Woman who's weaving a tapestry.  She finds out about the game and goes to speak to the Boy in Black.  She explains that Jacob can't lie, but the Boy in Black can, that there is nothing else besides the Island and that the Boy in Black is special.  But really, who isn't on this show?

The twins chase a boar later and come across some other people on the Island.  They want answers from their fake mom, but all she says is that other people are dangerous because humans are all bad and all they do is come and hurt each other.  She also explains that she somehow magically made it so they won't die and can't hurt each other.

The Mystery Woman takes them to a very magic cave with a waterfall filled with a bright, glowing light.  The light is very special because it's essentially the Light of Life, and people will try to take it if they find it and put it out, thus ending all of existence.  She's in charge of protecting it for now, but one day one of her boys will take over.

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