Lost: Readers Respond to "The Constant" and "The Other Woman" Questions
Lost: Readers Respond to "The Constant" and "The Other Woman" Questions
It comes as no surprise that my questions about one of the most complicated episodes in Lost's history, "The Constant," met with an abundance of interesting responses from BuddyTV readers.  CamaroHeed alone has been batting around enough interesting time travel theories to make my head spin.  As for "The Other Woman," our readers were dying to know the origin of the whispers, but also had some ideas on who was really trying to release the gas at the Tempest station.

Read on to see some of the best theories about these two exciting episodes.

First up, CamaroHeed thinks that Daniel Faraday's (Jeremy Davies) rocket experiment helps to explain the 48 hour time difference between the island and the freighter.  "If you take the 31 minute time difference from Faraday's experiment times the 94 days the Losties have been on the island, you get 2,914 minutes, or 48.6 hours -- the assumed time difference between the island and the freighter.  If this correlation is true (and not coincidence), that means that for every 24 hours that passes on the island, 24 hours and 31 minutes pass on the freighter/real world."

While the time difference is interesting, many readers spent time pondering whether the sickness on the freighter is the same sickness described by Danielle Rousseau.  "Personally, I think Rousseau and her team didn't experience the same sickness," lostfreak108 wrote.  "It seems that the sickness only occurs when you are traveling to or from the island, and I don't think her team got sick when they crashed, but after they had been on the island for a bit.  I also don't think Rousseau's team suffered from an illness - I think she did.  Maybe the illness made her kill her team?"

The wonderfully named sugarnuts finds the idea of two island related sicknesses to be unlikely.  "I think Rousseau's crew experienced the exact same sickness at the one the hatch is quarantined from," he wrote. "The sickness is 'being unstuck in time.'  I think the cause of the illness is the sudden jump in time.  The same jump that happens coming to and from the island.  There is a way to avoid this and the Others know it, that's why they come to and from the island unaffected.  The key is to be unconscious.  If your mind is uncomprehending, then it won't notice the sudden change.  That's why Juliet (Elizabeth Mitchell) was given a knock out pill on her first trip to the island."

Another interesting moment in "The Constant" was when we saw Charles Widmore successfully bid for the Black Rock journal.  Why would he want such an object?  Drewbacca thinks that he may have some sort of connection to Alvar Hanso.  "Perhaps Widmore is either a business partner of Alvar's who wants the island's secrets for himself, or he is Alvar trying to get back after the Ben-led Hostiles got rid of his team. Him wanting the BR ledger is either for information or the desire for a family heirloom."

erindreg wonders how the journal made it off the island in the first place.  She wrote, "It seems odd to me that the Black Rock journal made it off the island.  This would suggest (in a logical world) that the Black Rock crashed there and everyone was rescued, but I don't think this is the case.  There's definitely more going on with that.  Did the Black Rockies find a way to teleport off the island?"

I'm sure we could easily discuss "The Constant" for the next twenty years, but there were also intriguing questions to be found in "The Other Woman."  Like me, Moparlarry doesn't believe that Ben (Michael Emerson) was responsible for releasing the gas in the Tempest station.  "I still theorize that Charlotte (Rebecca Mader) and Faraday's mission wasn't to turn off the gas, but set-up the Tempest for a rapid detonation," he wrote.  "Why was the place counting down when Juliet arrived?  Because they screwed up while rigging the place for a fast meltdown.  Since we know that the mission of the SS Widmore is to capture Ben and kill everyone else, a fast release of 'Tempest' gas is the best way.  That's why they didn't want Kate (Evangeline Lilly) tagging along."

In my original article, I theorized that the island whispers may be caused by the Others teleporting around the island.  However, what if they're actually the sound of trapped souls?  "I'm not sure, but my theory is that the whispers may be caused by some dead people who 'live' on the island," titemoi1 wrote.  "If no living soul can leave the island by a normal way, maybe the dead souls can't, too."

Another mystery brought up in the episode was who Juliet reminds Ben of.  My guess was that she resembles either his mother or his childhood friend Annie, but Ouidybird2 had another idea.  "I remember that Juliet once said to Jack (Matthew Fox) that she was assigned to get close to/interrogate him because she looked much like his ex-wife."

This brings up a long-held theory by Lost fans, that perhaps Ben was the man who Jack's wife moved on with after their divorce.  While anything is possible in the world of Lost, would a woman ever trade in Matthew Fox for Michael Emerson?  That's something I'd have to see to believe.

- Don Williams, BuddyTV Staff Writer
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