Lost: Readers Respond to "The Beginning of the End" and "Confirmed Dead" Questions
Lost: Readers Respond to "The Beginning of the End" and "Confirmed Dead" Questions
Last week, we took a look back at the first two episodes of Lost's fourth season, "The Beginning of the End" and "Confirmed Dead," and posed some of the burning questions that remain from those installments.  I was surprised by how many mysteries were still unanswered from those early episodes, but I guess Lost loves to keep our brains spinning.  After thinking about the questions I brought up, BuddyTV readers had their own theories about the mysterious happenings on the island.  Read on for some of the best responses, and get ready to have your mind blown all over again.

Starting with "The Beginning of the End," one of my big questions was why Hurley (Jorge Garcia) lied about knowing Ana-Lucia.  buddysbunny agreed that it was the most important query of all, stating, "Yes, I think the biggest question is -THE LIE.  Because that lie is keeping them from leading a new life or getting on with a new life.  Every time they lie it brings the truth and what happen back."

fizban8535 thinks the reason for the lie is rather simple, in that telling the truth would raise far too many questions.  "Hurley lied about Ana-Lucia because it is easier than explaining the truth that she was shot to death by Michael (who goes by another name now, so that would make it harder to verify) to help Ben (Michael Emerson) escape," he wrote.  "Do you know how many more questions that will raise?  Same exact reason why Jack lied on the stand about only eight people originally surviving the crash."

Another thing that wasn't answered in the episode is when Hurley's flash forward took place.  Just how long after leaving the island did he start seeing dead people?  80sPro thinks she has it figured out.  "Say Aaron is around 2 1/2 - that would be two years from the point they're at now," she writes.  "Good call on the suit - yes Jack sees Hurley the same day [of Kate's trial].  7 months from leaving the Island Hurley is fine, a year and a half later he isn't.  Another year after that, Jack isn't too.  After someone dies that Jack (Matthew Fox) says 'sorry' to, after Jack tries to get meds using Daddy's scrips.  I say it is three years later when they firmly decide they have to go back.  And about the eye.  Any theories floating around that it is an older Hurley?"

The owner of that eyeball may remain a mystery for a while longer.  The next episode, "Confirmed Dead," gave us one of the most mind blowing events of all when they introduced a polar bear in the middle of the desert.  erindreg wrote, "I think the reason the polar bear was found in Tunisia is because of Dharma testing.  They placed the polar bear in an unlikely region so that they could easily tell if their tele-transport experiment worked."

Speaking of teleportation, CamaroHeed had some similar thoughts regarding the polar bear.  "A related theory goes back to the rabbit cloning/teleportation/time travel Dharma video," he said. "Rabbit #15 (at least I think it was #15) was being held by Mister Candle (or whatever his names are) and then the same rabbit appears behind him on the shelf.  Either it has been cloned or has arrived from another point in time.  From his reaction, it sounds like it arrived from another point in time.  Forget about the time travel for a moment, the main point here is that it appeared out of thin air.  If that is possible, they can 'place' a polar bear wherever.  Why it was placed there, I don't know.  Maybe it was random, or a mistake, or maybe it was on purpose."

So many strange events happen on Lost that it can be tough to know when to stop asking questions.  In my article, I posited that the rain in the jungle stops so abruptly due to all of the time wonkiness on the island.  As inalehk put it, "Why do people make a big deal about the rain on the island starting and stopping so abruptly?  It's the jungle, that's what happens."

Maybe there are some questions on Lost that are a lot easier to answer than we think.

- Don Williams, BuddyTV Staff Columnist
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