Lost: Readers Respond to "Ji Yeon" and "Meet Kevin Johnson" Questions
Lost: Readers Respond to "Ji Yeon" and "Meet Kevin Johnson" Questions
We're now only a few days away from the long-awaited return of Lost's fourth season, which means we may finally get some answers to our burning questions.  Until then, it's time to ponder some of the mysteries still remaining from "Ji Yeon" and "Meet Kevin Johnson."  BuddyTV readers had a lot to say about Hurley's desire to avoid his friends, how the island stopped Michael (Harold Perrineau) from killing himself, and whether Ben knew about the attack on Karl and Rousseau.  Keep reading for some of the most interesting answers to the questions I posed last week.

Starting with "Ji Yeon," one of the biggest questions was where Frank Lapidus took the helicopter.  However, DKUVA thinks that there are more mysteries about the helicopter than just that one.  "The helicopter question has some cousins," he wrote.  "Didn't the helicopter crash when Naomi bailed out?  Yet there is only one helicopter on the Freighter.  Where did the second helicopter come from?  If it really is the same helicopter, how did it come back to life?  Also related -- If Frank successfully landed the helicopter, how did he get so beat up and why was he crawling away from the helicopter?"

These are all very good points, and CamaroHeed thinks that he may have the answers.  "As for Naomi's helicopter.  Yes, we do see/hear it crash into the ocean," he said.  "Someone on another board posted that when we see the freighter (I guess in Michael's flashback, before they leave the port) there is a huge container on the ship with a crane.  That could EASILY be a one-person helicopter in that container.  I am betting that is what we saw, and now there is only one copter (a multi-passenger copter).  And Lapidus was all beat up because they took a beating in the storm, Lapidus was in the copter all the way until he landed it, and it was a rough ride."

With that mystery (possibly) solved, let's move on to psychoanalyzing Hurley (Jorge Garcia).  Why did the big guy seem relieved that the rest of the Oceanic Six wouldn't be visiting Sun (Yunjin Kim) in Korea?  "Hurley is gun shy and camera shy and media shy - has been since he got rich and all that bad stuff started to happen to him and his loved ones," 80sPro wrote.  "Don't forget that. It's going to drive him underground to a large extent when the Oceanic 6 gets all this recognition.  He's also an honest guy and will be very uncomfortable with the lie.  So he won't want to see the other 'O6' for the same reason Jack (Matthew Fox) doesn't want to see Aaron - to be reminded of the other Losties who still live back on the Island."

One of the most memorable moments from "Meet Kevin Johnson" was when Tom told Michael that the island wouldn't allow him to kill himself.  I threw out the complex theory of quantum entanglement as a possible explanation, but CamaroHeed thinks it may be simpler than that.  "I think this is simply a case of 'course correction.'   Michael is needed for a specific task, and he tried killing himself before he completed that task.  Therefore, course correction prevented him from killing himself.  If we all believe in the course correction idea, then that is your answer to how the island can prevent things from happening.  So does that make the island the physical representation of fate/destiny?"

Of course, another thing we still have to ponder is how Tom got to the mainland in the first place, and why he was one of the only Others allowed to travel.  titemoi1 thinks that Ben (Michael Emerson) is behind it all. "Maybe Tom said that only some Others can leave the island because Ben wants it like that.  Maybe Juliet (Elizabeth Mitchell) isn't the only one who wants to leave the island, so Ben tells them they can't, so they won't try."  She also added in a thought about who shot Karl and Rousseau in the jungle.  "I really think that Ben knew that Alex, Danielle and Karl would be attacked," she mentioned.  "If he didn't, why would have he sent Danielle with Alex?  He hates her.  Maybe Harper shot Karl and Rousseau.  We already know she can 'communicate' with Ben and apparate... so maybe it's her."

I had never pictured Harper crouching in the jungle with a gun in hand, but on Lost anything is possible. There are also more questions about "Meet Kevin Johnson" than I could fit in my article, which is why jlrabbit brought up another intriguing mystery.  "My question is how many of you think, like I do, that Captain Gault already knew Kevin Johnson was Michael?  He did not even blink when Sayid (Naveen Andrews) told him that he was originally on flight 815 and that he betrayed them all and left the island.  I think that there is more going on with that than we know."

Just how much does Captain Gault know, and what will happen to Michael now that he's been found out? Maybe we'll find out this Thursday at 10pm when Lost finally returns.

- Don Williams, BuddyTV Staff Writer
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