Lost Producers to Give "The Answers" Tonight!
Lost Producers to Give "The Answers" Tonight!
Whether you are a LOST straggler who has ‘lost’ their way, or a tempted potential viewer intimidated by LOST’s nebulous mythos and ‘too smart for TV’ rep, you are in luck!  LOST Executive Producer Carlton Cuse and Executive Producer/Co-Creator Damon Lindelof will be on the air tonight following Grey’s Anatomy’s season finale to give fans a crash course in LOSTology!  Literally everything fans need to know to start at the end with next weeks highly anticipated season three finale.

“The Answers” is a documentary which basically cuts through the dangling threads and freeze frame reveals and focuses on the plot thus far; introducing us to the people, places, and things you need to know to be LOST fan certified.  Cuse and Lindelof have developed a reputation for being some of the most visible producers in the television industry, and their swagger is worth taking in even if you are the most hardened of LOST nerds.

In case you need an even more concise primer for what’s going on with LOST, here is my “LOST in one paragraph” explanation, guaranteed to infuse you with enough info to at least make you want to watch “That Answers.”

A LOT of people inexplicably survive a plane crash on an island somewhere in the pacific.  At first, the survivors are scattered across the island, but they soon come together.  In the meantime, they discover some dangers lurking in the jungles.  An unseen “monster” that uproots trees, mysterious “others” who occupy the island, and various ghostly manifestations.  Some also learn that the island has tremendous healing powers.  Particularly John Locke.  Eventually, they discover the island was the site of an abandoned scientific commune called “the Dharma Initiative” who peppered the island with underground labs.  The “Others” are revealed as a combination of newcomers, former Dharma people, and mysterious island natives who don’t age and worship a mysterious spirit being named “Jacob.”  A field that makes it invisible to the outside world protects the island; therefore, rescue has become an increasingly unlikely prospect.

And that's sort of it!  There are a ton of interesting literary allusions, visual clues, and character crossings.  If you're not a viewer, and this little snippet has piqued your interest, definitely tune in tonight for a much better introduction from Lost's Cuse and Lindelof!

LOST: The Answers, Airs Tonight at 10:15pm est following Grey's Anatomy's Extended finale.

- Jon Lachonis, BuddyTV Senior Writer
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