Lost: Previewing Episode 6.08 'Recon'
Lost: Previewing Episode 6.08 'Recon'
We're one step closer to defining the sides that will fight it out to the very end--or the sides that will complicated everybody else's lives. Last week's Lost saw one group form: Ben was adopted by Ilana, Frank, Miles and Sun, and were later reunited with Jack, Hurley and Richard. The week before, we saw Locke strengthen his claim on Claire and Sayid, bringing with him a boatload of scared Temple inhabitants, as well as a confused Kate, and presumably Jin and Sawyer.

We're focusing on the latter group this week, arguably because we've had enough of Jack playing crazy with dynamite. That, and--admit it--at the moment it's much more interesting to see what Locke will do to get his way. See, the Man in Black is a much more questionably character than Jacob will ever be...

The official synopsis for tonight's Lost doesn't really say much, so I'll quote it instead: "Locke tasks Sawyer with a mission." What could that be? A death mission, if we're to subscribe to the idea that Locke is killing off all of the candidates? Maybe, considering the photos, and all the dead bodies that surrounded Sawyer during the implementation of said mission. Right now, though, I won't make any wild guesses as to what he'll do. I'll only mention that tonight's episode features the Lost debut of Sheila Kelley, who'll be playing a character named Zoe. I don't have any idea how she got to the Island. But I do can tell that, judging from the mileage news of her casting got, she'll play a pretty big part. (She's definitely not Rousseau, as some of you thought.)

Perhaps the most interesting part of the episode--judging from the really few clues we have--is the guest list. (Since ABC is spoiling most of us by mentioning all these names in the official synopses, I might as well mention it here.) Two names who have no real strong connection to Sawyer--this episode focuses on him, pretty obvious with the title and the video clips--are popping up tonight. Neil Hopkins returns tonight as Liam, Charlie's brother, and unless Charlie is also appearing in tonight's episode, I can't quite connect how he'll figure in the alternate timeline.

More intriguing? Rebecca Mader is also in tonight's episode, returning as nosebleed-prone anthropologist Charlotte Lewis. Yes, sure, she was with Sawyer's group last season, being torn apart by all those flashes and by Daniel's feelings. Unless Sawyer is either dating or conning her in the alternate timeline, I don't know what she's doing here.

(Speaking of dating, what about Juliet?)

Also appearing tonight is Prison Break's Jodi Lyn O'Keefe, making the jump from evil Company associate to, presumably, someone also on the alternate timeline. Oh, and Alan Dale as Charles Widmore too--because his appearance in last week's episode, from inside a submarine, surely means he'll play a pretty important part in the events that will unfold. Perhaps as Locke's escape buddy, perhaps? Lost returns tonight from 9pm on ABC.

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