Lost: Previewing Episode 6.07 'Dr. Linus'
Lost: Previewing Episode 6.07 'Dr. Linus'
The promos for tonight's Lost may suggest that Ben will meet his demise--in other words, die--but I don't think so. It's too early to kill him off, don't you think? Especially now that the Island is breaking apart in the figurative sense, the good side (whoever that side is) needs someone who will explain how the Island actually works. And you don't want to be deprived of Michael Emerson's creepiness, right?

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So, what "demise"? A loss of prominence in the Island's already shaky hierarchy?

Tonight's episode, as the title suggests, obviously centers on Ben. Apparently tonight he'll have to deal with the consequences of an uncovered lie. Determining what lie it specifically is will be a pretty big undertaking, something that I cannot do in the twenty minutes I'll spend writing this article.

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Oddly I'm attracted to one of Ben's earliest lies--the fact that he wasn't born on the Island. Surely not everybody knows that yet. If indeed that's the lie that will be revealed, how will it affect him and his standing?

I mention this because of the return of three characters that had a major role in Ben's original timeline. Jon Gries and Tania Raymonde return tonight as Roger Linus and Alex Rousseau respectively--is she still a Rousseau at this point?--and since both of them have died, it's pretty obvious we'll see them in the alternate timeline. You know, the one with Ben as a history teacher, telling kids about Napoleon Bonaparte's conquests.

Let's stick with my guess that the lie revolves around Ben's birth. Okay, don't stick with it, because I don't know how the fact that Ben was born here in the United States will affect anything in the parallel timeline. If Roger and Ben did move to the Island, and the Island is now underwater, then Roger is alive, and there's nothing to argue about. So what, really?

Alan Dale also returns tonight as Charles Widmore, and I'll guess he won't figure in the parallel timeline, but in the original timeline. It'd probably be too much (and too early!) if I guess that Widmore is the one who's arriving on the Island, as Jacob suggested. But a confrontation between the one kicked out and the one kicking out should spin many things around. Imagine the impact of having two rivals around, just when everything starts crumbling apart, Flocke's attack and all.

Unless, of course, Widmore actually is on the parallel timeline, still staking a claim on Alex. Maybe he isn't a billionaire anymore.

And then I spot a photo of Ben on the Island, digging and in chains. So he'll deal with this certain lie on the Island, not on the parallel timeline. Or I'm double-guessing at the worst possible time. I just read something off TVGuide.com, another interview with Carlton Cuse and Damon Lindelof, and they floated the idea of someone dying in the flash-sideways. Okay, I should stop reading too much into everything.

Lost returns--perhaps with the first hints at Richard's past, and maybe his wife--tonight from 9pm on ABC.

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