Lost: Previewing Episode 6.06 'Sundown'
Lost: Previewing Episode 6.06 'Sundown'
It's that point in a Lost season when we're presented with several storylines and you can't find a way to quickly make sense of them all. So far we've had Flocke looking for a replacement for Jacob, for reasons we still do not know. There's Jacob, asking Hurley and Jack to guide whoever is returning to the Island. And then there's the "infection" that's supposedly going around the Island, affecting Sayid and Claire in separate instances.

Looks like tonight's Lost will tackle that storyline. After all, it's a Sayid-centric episode, judging from the two clips ABC released last week--the first one featuring his confrontation with Dogen, and the second one featuring his reunion with Nadia in the parallel universe. The official synopsis hints at Sayid making a tough decision, which should have something to do with his "infection".

You want an educated guess? Sayid will leave the Temple. Well, if you've been reading all the recaps about Lost's panel at the Paley Festival over the weekend, you'll learn that they showed a scene off tonight's episode. (You don't wanna be spoiled? Skip to the next paragraph now.) That scene features Sayid explaining to Miles why he's leaving the Temple--because he's "apparently" evil--and observing the irony of the Temple folk wanting him dead just after they saved him from a fatal wound. Just as Miles explains the circumstances of his recovery, Claire (with hair unkempt, of course) comes to the Temple and tells Dogen that a certain "he" wants to talk to him.

The other factor connecting tonight's episode to the infection is Claire: she'll be issuing a warning to the Temple and its folk. Now that we know she's been hanging out with Flocke a lot, I guess we'll also know what she's really up to. I mean, it can't just be about Aaron, right? She'd have a pretty hard time just infiltrating the Temple to get the kid who she thinks is her son--maybe she'll end up grabbing Zack, for all I know.

But perhaps the most interesting thing in tonight's episode is the title itself, "Sundown". John suggested last week that it could also hint at a possible change for Sun, especially now that she'll be in the Temple, along with Ilana and Frank. It's a pretty strong possibility. This season and the first, so far, have shown parallels when it comes to which character gets more attention. Last week I mentioned "Lighthouse" and "White Rabbit", fifth episodes of both seasons, featuring Jack. The sixth episode of the first season centered on Sun, but with tonight centering on Sayid, well, the parallels are broken... or are they?

I'm also curious as to how Keamy will feature in tonight's episode. I'm guessing it's another parallel universe surprise. Unless he's the one coming to the Island... no, he never left it,
right? Lost returns tonight from 9pm on ABC.

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