Lost: Previewing Episode 6.05 'Lighthouse'
Lost: Previewing Episode 6.05 'Lighthouse'
It took me a while to realize that the centric characters for this season of Lost correspond exactly to the centric characters from the first season. Kate and Locke were the first back then; Kate and Locke are also the first this season. Jack followed the two back then, and judging from the second promo clip released a few days back, Jack will be the focus of tonight's episode.

It's also interesting seeing what happened in the flash-sideways. Up until last week's episode, the idea was this: everything that happened in the original timeline also happened in the parallel timeline, regardless of the fact that Oceanic 815 landed safely in Los Angeles. But, instead of regaining the ability to walk, Locke did the complete opposite: he embraced his paralysis and lived every moment of his life. Then again, the circumstances surrounding Locke's back story has totally changed as well: he's friends with his father, which should mean he was paralyzed for different reasons entirely, and he's engaged to Helen.

Think about this: Locke's back story, as well as Hurley's, are completely different in the parallel timeline. Foreshadowing? Yes, I think I can launch that term again.

I don't think Jack's back story is going to change significantly. The promo clip showed him, and his mom, looking for his late father's will--a subtle parallel to what happened in "White Rabbit", where he went to Australia to look for his father, only to find him dead. But, already, his refusal to accept a drink from his mother is a stark contrast to post-Island Jack, addicted both to drugs and alcohol. Definitely we'll have to watch on to see what happens to him on the reset, and perhaps, have a clue as to which side he will be on in the end.

Tonight's episode sees Jack faced with a decision to make. This is on the Island, mind you: Hurley will ask him to join a mission, the details of which we've yet to know. But I'll bet it's got some parallels to "White Rabbit", too. In that episode, Jack's "mission", loosely speaking, was to find his father: Christian was appearing to him in several parts of the Island, after all. (He did end up finding the caves after.) This time, I'll bet, he'll be asked to look for something again. What exactly, I don't know.

What struck me was that Hurley was the one who'll be asking Jack to join him. It could've been someone else--although, thinking back, the only other options are Miles and an "infected" Sayid. Add to that Hurley having access to the Numbers, the very Numbers (however random they may be) that showed up last week in Jacob's cave list...

The other story thread tonight revolves around Jin meeting an old friend. I think we can all presume that's Claire. Maybe we'll figure out what made Claire the survivor not used to carrying either a gun or a brush? Subtle parallel: she's looking for her son, Aaron. I'm just trying to make every connection I can here.

So what's going to happen tonight? After last week's reveal, I absolutely don't know. Mark Pellegrino and a kid who's probably playing a young Dogen are on board tonight's Lost, from 9pm on ABC.

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