'Lost' Preview: The Island Before Time
'Lost' Preview: The Island Before Time
Things really got going after last week's Lost. Three deaths! It could've been four but I'm not sure about Lapidus' status all of a sudden. And after the unraveling of Locke's ultimate plan--and the plans of the remaining survivors to get out alive--it seems the series' remaining episodes possess an unstoppable momentum.

Or maybe not, because tonight's Lost is going to tune out of the events on the island and take us back in time. I mean really back in time.

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You must've heard of this episode, which won't feature any of the series regulars. This is that episode. We'll get a couple of familiar faces, sure--Mark Pellegrino and Titus Welliver return tonight as Jacob and the Man in Black, respectively--but everybody else will mostly be unfamiliar faces. Allison Janney plays a "woman," a girl named Claudia and a hunter.

Yep, it's a look back at the origins of Jacob and the Man in Black--and possibly the island as well. And this episode should make understanding Locke's motives easier. Right now we know that he wants all of the candidates dead so he can leave the island and go home. The question is, why does he want to go home? It can't be a simple case of homesickness -- never mind that it's been hundreds, maybe thousands, of years since he arrived on the island.

Also, expect some answers on who these two mysterious island entities really are. Did Jacob really steal MIB's body? Why are they so mystical? Are they even human in the first place, or did they just get those abilities later on? Most importantly, why are they on the island?

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Sure, it may kill the momentum a bit--we'll have to wait another week before we see more of Locke's attempts to kill Jack's gang--but when we get the answers, we're sure to understand everything.

Lost returns tonight at 9pm on ABC. And do remember to look at our twenty unanswered questions about Jacob and the Man in Black. List them down and check them off as the answers are revealed!

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