'Lost' Preview: The End Really Begins Now
'Lost' Preview: The End Really Begins Now
Last week on Lost, it was a rerun. That means tonight's Lost has got to be really, really interesting.

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Things are taking shape on the Island. On one side, Sawyer's runaway gang has made contact with Widmore, and were subsequently captures. On the other side, Jack--bent on fulfilling whatever the Island has for him--ended up in Locke's side. And in the middle of it all, Desmond, whose fate remains hanging after Sayid was sent to kill him... although I doubt he'll be killed off just like that, no?

Judging from the promos and from the stuff I've read over the past couple of weeks, things will really happen tonight. I asked whether the death count will start going up two weeks ago: I have every reason to believe it will now. Now that Sawyer's group is under captivity, Locke has no choice but to go after them, so everybody can leave the Island, him included. And accounting for the pylons, the amount of gunfire in the promos and the scary sounds the Smoke Monster makes... there will be blood.

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But will Jack have any of it? We saw one of the preview clips: he's pretty hesitant to go back to Hydra Island to save his friends, especially now that he's back on the Island. I bet he doesn't even know who to trust now--I don't think he's been fully consumed by Locke as Claire insists (why else would she join) but I don't think he trusts Jacob's intentions either. So where will he go? And what will he do next?

We've hit May, which means at the end of this month, Lost is no more. But we're in for one hell of a ride, still. Lost returns with a new episode tonight from 9pm on ABC.

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