'Lost' Preview: Once Again, It's Up To Hurley
'Lost' Preview: Once Again, It's Up To Hurley
In the past few weeks, it seems Hurley's had more answers than he's letting us into. He brought Sayid to the Temple to be healed, albeit unsuccessfully. He brought Jack to the Lighthouse, although that backfired when fury got in the way. He brought Richard back to their fold after threatening to change sides. All that, because he gets to talk to the dead, and more importantly, to Jacob. So what exactly is he up to now?

Last week, while we learned more about Desmond's involvement in Widmore's plan to take over the Island and Lost being all about true love, most of the major players haven't budged an inch. Flocke is still out to leave the Island using the marooned Ajira plane. Jack and the gang are preparing to destroy that plane, now that Richard has returned with a concrete plan. Oh, and there was Sayid successfully snatching Desmond from Widmore's folk.

Spoilers: Find out who's returning tonight

This week, expect things to move slowly again--and Hurley will have a pretty big hand in it. Heck, what do you expect with the guy who has more answers than we know?

One of the preview clips for tonight's Lost suggests a lot more than usual: Hurley, telling Ilana that their plan to blow up the Ajira plane will not work, since that means they'll be stuck on the Island too, not to mention a really angry Flocke. Presumably it's his opinions that will delay Team Jacob from making a move--and eventually get them going.

But knowing that Lost is about love, expect a little look at who Hurley is meant to be with. Enter two of the most important characters in his life. Harold Perrineau returns tonight as Michael, he who died in the Kahana explosion and, as the promos suggest, returns on the Island, perhaps as a ghost. Cynthia Watros also returns tonight as Libby--the woman Michael accidentally shot, the woman Hurley was falling in love with on the Island, the woman who fate was trying to bring to him judging from their shared past at Santa Rosa...

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On the other side of the fence, there's Locke, who's curious about Sayid's delivery to his camp. Of course, that's Desmond. But the idea of the original Desmond and altverse Desmond swapping places after Widmore's test makes things more interesting: what will happen when you put that into account? And since Desmond and Hurley will cross paths in the alternate timeline, does this mean the beginning of the former's plans to show something (whatever that is) to the folks at Oceanic 815?

Things will indeed get moving on tonight's Lost, still airing at 9pm on ABC.

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