'Lost' Preview: Happy Endings for the Dead?
'Lost' Preview: Happy Endings for the Dead?
I just realized it now: we only have three and a half hours of Lost left. Ever.

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Tonight the series' penultimate episode airs, and after what transpired in "Across the Sea," it seems that more things will make sense. Consider the promos for the episode: all those reflection scenes in the flash-sideways! Also consider the name of tonight's episode: "What They Died For." It seems that we will get happy endings for the dead, much like what many of us thought when Sun and Jin died a few weeks back--that their romance will continue in the alternate timeline with a marriage in the United States and a baby on the way.

But will it be a happy ending for everyone? It could be for Sawyer and Kate, who are being brought together by fate over there. It could be for Sayid, who, last we heard, was arrested for killing Keamy and Omar. It surely is for Hurley, who finally went on a date with Libby, and for Desmond, who integrates the timelines when he meets Penny.

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On the other hand, I'm not so sure about Jack and Locke. I mean, Locke may be happy, but he's still stuck in a wheelchair. And, while things are getting better between Jack and his son David, it's still not the happy family some of us think he should have. And what about Claire and Charlie?

It's safe to presume, though, that we'll find out how exactly the original timeline and the alternate timeline relate to each other. I guess everything will make much more sense in the last two episodes.

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But first, the essential ingredients to that synthesis, if we're indeed going that way. Widmore's sub has sunk to the bottom and Jack's gang is now out to find the well where the late Sayid kept Desmond. And Locke is still trying to get them killed so he can finally get off the Island and do heaven knows what.

In the sideways timeline, Mira Furlan and Michelle Rodriguez return as Rousseau and Ana Lucia, respectively. I'm quite glad to see them again. They're also getting happy endings, right?

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Lost's penultimate episode airs tonight at 9pm on ABC.

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