Lost Posts Lowest Ratings Ever
Lost Posts Lowest Ratings Ever
The news is in for ABC and LOST fans, and it isn't good.  LOST 'Flashes Before Your Eyes' despite being a critical success, marked LOST's lowest ratings of any single episode.  It's a time like this that Damon Lindelof is wishing he never predicted that the episode might "..drive them away for good..."

ABC has yet publish a response to the disappointing numbers.  Last week, LOST pulled a distant second to CSI: NY and ABC went into full spin mode pointing out that LOST won the coveted 18-39 demo.  Little comfort for viewers who are concerned the LOST audience will shrink to a level that will end the show before its mysteries are solved.  Is this even a reality?  Should LOST fans be concerned that further slipping could lead to cancellation?  Read on to find out.

First up, LOST's international audience is as strong as ever.  Couple this with the fact that the show has enjoyed success on multiple levels of marketing (toys, clothing, posters, and soon a computer game), and you can begin to see where a dip in ratings might not be the harbinger of doom one would expect.

The other side of the coin in that a completed LOST,  regardless of a weakend back-end, would be a tremendous syndication property.  And then, there is the movie.   LOST producers haven't mentioned the prospect of a feature film lately, but the idea did not get nixed at any point either.  If the feature film is coming, it's going to likely be the final chapter in the LOST saga.

Another reason not worry is simply this:  they can still move it.   LOST would benefit tremendously from a move to a more action oriented night such as Monday, or better yet... imagine the boost LOST could pick up from having Grey's Anatomy as a lead in?

Should LOST fans be worried about a ratings slump?  Nah.