Lost - Par Avion - Recap
Lost - Par Avion - Recap
LOST returns with another trip to the beach, this time to catch up on the lives of Charlie and Claire.  Seems Claire has a little plan that might bring rescue to the 815rs, or is it just a flight of fancy? The plan involves attaching little notes to migratory birds.  Okay, so it isn’t the brightest plan going,  but at least someone on the island is still thinking about rescue.  This LOST doesn’t completely go to the birds though, there is plenty of time to touch on Charlie’s fate as foretold by Desmond, find out a startling connection between two 815r’s, and catch up with Jack’s rescue party as it closes in on the others village.  Read on for all the details of this fantastic LOST episode.


We get treated, briefly, to a little bit of romance between Claire and Charlie as they sit down for an intimate breakfast on the beach.  The rendezvous is quickly interrupted by Desmond who invites Charlie along for a hunt.  This is where Claire gets her whacko idea concerning birds.

In the flashback we come upon a Raven haired Claire who has been in a car accident,  Her mother lay in a coma.  A man shows up, Claire’s father – who she assumed had been long dead.  He never gives his name, but we know him well.  He is Christian Shephard.  He tries to convince Claire to euthanize her mother who is hanging by a thread in a coma.  She refuses and asks this strange man to go away.

Claire gets Sun and Jin to help with her bird brained scheme, but Desmond does his darndest to screw it up,  showing up to randomly fire a rifle and scatter the birds.  He ‘claims’ he is shooting at a boar.  Yeah, right. 

Just when you think Desmond thinks Claire’s idea is as stupid as we do, he surprisingly finds a little bird tucked behind some rocks and passes it to Claire. She is kind of amazed he knew exactly where that bird was going to be.   Desmond comes clean.  He has averted another Charlie death.  Charlie was going to try to catch that bird, fall in the water, and break his neck on the rocks.  The secret is out of the bag.

The rescue party has some interesting conversations with Patchy.  He tells them that they are not on the list because they are flawed.  He also tells them that ‘Ben’ is not the mysterious ‘him’.  He starts to go through some stuff he knows about the people and almost says that he knows Locke was paralyzed but Danielle interrupts him.   Them come up to a security fence.  Patchy says it hasn’t worked for years, so Locke pushes him through it.  He turns and says thank you to Locke as he is struck dead by some kind of sonic pulse.

I was surprised that they made it to the others village before the end of the episode, I thought for sure they would save that for next week.  They hide in the bushes at the perimeter and you see Jack for a moment.  It’s a terrific misdirection.  He seems to be running towards them, but it turns out he is playing toss with Mr. Friendly.  And he looks happy.  A grim mood overtakes the rescue party.