LOST - Not In Portland Secrets Revealed!
LOST - Not In Portland Secrets Revealed!
Tonight LOST returns with all the action, mystery, and confusion that is known so well for.  We recently reviewed LOST Not in Portland here, gave you the latest spoilers here, and delivered up everything you would ever need to get caught up starting here.  Now we offer you LOST Not In Portland, Secrets Revealed, five items to be looking out for in tonights mythology packed episode.
Now we want to avoid being too spoilerish with these LOST moments, so we're taking a more whimsical approach with the info here.  Hopefully tonight, when you tune in, you'll form a circuit with the info we give you here and the secrets will be revealed.  If not, be sure to check back tomorrow when LOST Not in Portland Secrets Revealed hits the BuddyTV airwaves!

In the meantime here are some LOST riddles to get you started!  If you're ingenious enough, you might be able to solve some of them simply by looking through our LOST spoilers.  If that seems like a little too much work tune in tonight with TheTailsection's DocArzt for BuddyTV's exclusive LOST TVj session kicking off at 10pm est!

Want more moments to look for in LOST Not In Portland?  Head on over to Thetailsection.com for five more!

  • What is in a name? Plenty! If you’re going to get a new job, make sure you truly ‘understand’ your employer.
  • Was there a glyph on that bus? I think somebody slipped me a psychotropic Mickey.
  • This guy has clockwork for brains.
  • How many other cells are there?
  • Tom’s least favorite song is ‘Purple Haze’. Reminds him of his days in prison.

Don't forget to return tonight after LOST for a recap of all the action, the reveals, the romance, and of course the Exclusive LOST spoilers for the next action packed episode of LOST "Flashes Before Your Eyes" airing 2/14 at 10pm EST.