LOST Not In Portland Recap
LOST Not In Portland Recap
Tonight LOST finally returned with the all new 'Not In Portland'.  Critical reaction to LOST's return has been universally ecstatic both from the hardened press and the LOST fanbase lucky enough to get a sneak peek.  Did LOST 'Not in Portland' deliver?  Read on and judge for yourself.

Not in Portland

The episode opens with Juliet visiting a girl and giving her an injection.  The girl is Rachel, Juliet’s sister.  There is some discussion about Juliet’s ex-husband being angry that Juliet is giving her the med.  Juliet opens the curtains and we see they are on the Miami coast.

In the real-time of the island, we are in the middle of the mini-season cliff hanger.  Kate and Sawyer are being held at gun point and Jack is urging them to leave.  Finally a fight breaks out and Sawyer electrocutes Pickett by smashing his head into the fish-biscuit button.

In the operating room, Juliet orders the men that are in there to go out after Sawyer and Kate, and kill them if they have to.  Jack is livid, insisting that he will let Ben die.  Juliet does not believe him.

Back in the flashback we find out that Juliet’s ex-husband is indeed a scumbag as he shuffles her out of their research lab so he can get it on with a hot brunette.  Juliet finally meets with Ethan Rom who shows her some xrays of female reproductive organs.  He says they are from a twenty-something, but Juliet says they look like they are from someone in their 60’s.  Ethan offers her the chance to research it, she is intrigued but says her husband would have to be hit by a bus (jokingly) before that could happen.

Back in the operating room Ben wakes up interrupting Jack and stating exactly how much time he has left to live.  He asks Juliet to come and speak with him, in private.  Ultimately she leaves, telling Jack she is going to help his friends escape.  It really looks like Ben wants them off the island. 

Kate and Sawyer make it to the beach and at this point they finally realize they are going to need a boat.  They wind up going back into the jungle.  Sawyer runs out of ammo and things are looking bleak when Alex shows up and starts taking out people with her slingshot.  She tells them she knows where a boat is, but she will need their help first.

Jack and Mr. Friendly have some face time and Jack admits to him about the plot against Ben’s life.  Jack asks Mr. Friendly why they didn’t just take Ben off the island for the surgery.  Tom admits that they cannot leave since the failsafe was triggered.

They rescue Karl from a cell where he is drugged and being forced to watch a conditioning film.  It is very bizarre, horror-movie, ringu stuff with lots of subliminal stuff like “look what you have done to your world” etc., which really reinforces the idea that the Others are some kind of cult.

In the flashback Juliet is shocked when her husband gets randomly hit by a bus, just like she said.  It is a total accident, but at the same time you just have to think the others have some kind of control over coincidence or anything.  Ethan is right there at the morgue to cash in on her promise.  She agrees to accept the job for six months only and Ethan relents that the job is “Not in Portland”.

Kate, Sawyer, Alex, and Karl hobble to the beach and get cornered by Pickett.  Juliet shows up and surprisingly shoots him in cold blood.  She tells Alex that her father is going to be asking for her, but she will let Karl go with Kate and Sawyer.  So we now know that Ben is Alex’s father-figure.  Kate wants to turn the boat back and rescue Jack, but Sawyer refuses so they continue on their way back to the main island.

Back in the operating room Juliet returns.  After some coaxing, Juliet tells Jack that Ben had asked her to help Sawyer and Kate and in exchange he was going to finally let her return home.  Since she shot Danny, though, she’s not sure that is going to happen.  They have a rule of an eye for an eye on the island.

This was a fantastic episode of LOST, Juliet was established as a lead character quite firmly by the flash backs.  A lot of lore was left to digest, like how long Juliet had been on the island, what she was doing there.  Not to mention the seeming religious thread that runs through the others belief system.  Next week’s LOST should be fantastic.