'Lost' Kids Run To 'The Cleaner'
'Lost' Kids Run To 'The Cleaner'
Looks like these kids have had waaaay too much Lost.

Not that it's a bad thing, but... anyway, two Lost child actors have taken on seemingly more, uhm... creepy, perhaps?  That sort of role on A&E's The Cleaner.

First up: Madeline Carroll starred as Annie, Ben's playmate back when he was young, two seasons ago.  She'll show up on The Cleaner's July 21 episode as the daughter (and caretaker) of an alcoholic.  Not helping matters, she's giving her dad the alcohol he's supposed to avoid.

Next up: Sterling Beaumon showed up on Lost's latest season as the younger version of Ben.  The 14-year-old will appear in the August 11 episode as a drug runner who's addicted to meth.

"[He] makes meth in an abandoned toy factory," Beaumont explained to TV Guide Magazine.  "He gets super high and passes out a few times.  This kid goes through it all.  He eats Twinkies for lunch."

Oh, and the kid has some thoughts on his stint on Lost, too.  "I think after that big white flash, that's going to be the end of time traveling," he said.  "But there could still be a flashback.  I think they've shown everything anyone wanted to know about little Ben.  The only thing I can think that people still might want to know is what happened inside the temple once Richard took him inside."

See?  Even these kids have those questions, too.

- Henrik Batallones, BuddyTV Staff Columnist
Source: TV Guide Magazine
(Image courtesy of ABC)