Lost: Is Charles Widmore Jacob's Man?
Lost: Is Charles Widmore Jacob's Man?
John Kubicek
John Kubicek
Senior Writer, BuddyTV
In "Lighthouse," Jacob told Hurley that "someone's coming to the Island."  At the time, Lost fans wondered who this person was and whether it was Wallace, the person's name next to 108 on the lighthouse dial.

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Now we have a strong candidate for the role, because Charles Widmore came to the Island.  In a surprise twist ending, Widmore was revealed to be in a submarine just off the shore of the Island.  But does this necessarily mean he's who Jacob was talking about?

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I'm not so sure.  Widmore seems to have found the Island all on his own, so Hurley and Jack had no real part in helping him find it.  In order for Widmore to even be there, he would've left long before Jacob told Hurley, and if Jacob is as omniscient as he seems, he should've already known that Widmore was on his way back.

Instead, I'm still convinced, now more than ever, that Desmond is the man coming to the Island.  The one thing that's bothered me all season is the fact that Henry Ian Cusick is listed in the opening credits as a series regular.  After seven hours, Desmond has had just one small scene, and it was within the first five minutes of the season aboard Oceanic 815.  Unless the credits are misleading, Desmond is still a major part of this series, which means he'll need to come back to the Island at some point.

This doesn't address the bigger question: what the heck is Widmore doing back on the Island?  The last time we saw him, he was talking to Eloise Hawking outside of the hospital where Desmond was a patient.  Since Ben tried to kill Penny, Widmore's daughter, revenge is the most likely motive for Widmore's return.

Is Widmore just back to kill Ben once and for all, or is there more to his Island return?

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