Lost: Harold Perrineau Lands on New ABC Pilot
Lost:  Harold Perrineau Lands on New ABC Pilot
Sometimes it takes a death to make you popular.  Harold Perrineau, less than a week after perishing on the fourth season finale of Lost, has been all over the news, first for some pointed comments about his Lost character's departure, and now because he's already found another job.  Perrineau has joined the cast of The Unusuals, a CBS drama/comedy pilot set inside a New York City police precinct.  Harold will play Leo Banks, a detective so paranoid that he always wears his bullet-proof vest.  The series, being a pilot and all, has no guarantee that it will make it to series.  At best, The Unusuals may make a mid-season appearance. 

Harold Perrineau fits this role of Leo Banks well, one would assume: no-nonsense, paranoid detective in a dramedy.  It will be a little different than what we're used to from Harold (more curmudgeonly, for sure), but I can see it.  The Unusuals comes from writer Noah Hawley (Bones) and executive producer Peter Tolan (The Larry Sanders Show), which makes one suspect that comedy will be a major emphasis for The Unusuals.

Perrineau made some waves immediately after the Lost finale last week when he discussed his departure, noting that he would've done it differently and bringing up some possible racial implications to his character's fate (we covered that story here).  In a more recent interview with EW.com, Perrineau lays off his stance some, saying he has absolutely no ill will towards the Lost writers, and that he was merely speaking his mind, and regrets bringing race up.  While a number of BuddyTV users were upset with Perrineau's comments, especially the ones regarding race, I think those are opinions he's entitled to.  I happen to believe that they have little validity, but he didn't really throw anyone under the bus, and I certainly understand the frustration and disappointment of being killed off on a popular, iconic series when you think your character has a lot more story to tell.

-Oscar Dahl, BuddyTV Senior Writer
Source: Hollywood Reporter, EW.com, TV Guide
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