LOST Gets Back to the Beach!
LOST Gets Back to the Beach!
If the mildewed concrete and rusted diamond plate steel of LOST's third season has you feeling a little claustrophobic, good news... LOST is finally leaving Dharma behind - for now - for a little beach time.  The amount of time spent within Dharma facilities with the others this season is enough to give viewers a bad case of cabin fever,  with 'Tricia Tanaka is Dead' LOST gets back to the lush jungles and powdery sands of the beach to kick off a new adventure for fan favorite Hurley.  And don't worry, save for a brief visit to 'The Flame' later this season, the dank corridors of Dharma are pretty much a thing of the past.  Read on for a brief preview of what to expect from LOST in the month of march!

The final February episode of LOST gets the plot rolling in an all new direction.  Sawyer and Kate have returned to the beach, without Jack.   Kate is now focused on rescuing Jack from the dastardly others, while Sawyer is content to leave his romantic competition behind.  The action will again divide,  this time between the interpersonal struggles of the beach and the trek inward as Kate, Sayid, and Locke work their way towards the other's village, and an inevitable showdown.  And you stopped watching?

The good thing is, it's never too late to get back in the game.  Simple take a look through our LOST article glossary and you'll find enough recaps to get you up to date.  Now, looking ahead, after Tricia Tanaka is dead (which we previewed here),  here is what is known of the layout for march on LOST.

MARCH 7th - LOST 3.11 - Enter 77

It's a Sayid flashback concerning the Iraqi interrogators time in France.  The events take place while he is still searching for his lost love, Nadia.  Not much is known about the plot of the flashback other than that Sayid is working as a chef.

In island time, folks who were left tantalized by the glimpse of the eye-patch man from 'The Cost of Living' will receive their payoff in this episode when Sayid, Locke, Kate, and Danielle make their way to "The Flame".   The rumor is that Danielle knows a lot more about Dharma than she was willing to tell in the beginning... which resolves a lot of plot holes.  One thing that has been promised by the producers is that we will learn a whole lot about Dharma and how it connects to the others in this episode.  ANSWERS!

Marth 14th - LOST 3.12 - Par Avion

The flashback here is a mystery as well other then that it reveals a very different Claire and answers the question of whether or not Jack and Claire are brother and sister.

On the island, Charlie takes exception to Claire's plan to use carrier pigeons to get them rescued, sensing it may attract "the others".  He confides in Desmond who agrees to help thwart the plan, with divisive consequences.

MARCH 21st - LOST 3.13 - The Man From Tallahassee

This is the one Locke fans are waiting for, in this episode we find out how John Locke was paralyzed to begin with and what about that event propels him on his mission of faith.   This episode is also rumored to mark the return of Jack to LOST as Kate, Sayid, and Locke come within range of the 'others' home town!   Rumors are we will see the inside of the others' submarine in this episode, and that Locke will make a surprising character turn.  Will a confrontation between the others and the 815rs change the game forever?  Rumor has it, another force will be revealed in this episode that will unite the two.

MARCH 22nd - LOST 3.14 - EXPOSE'

Described as 'The Other 48 Days' with a twist,  "Expose'" takes place during the time of season one with flashbacks that occur in off-island time.  According to Damon Lindelof,  this Nikki/Paulo episode will redeem those characters to skeptical viewers.  Could there be information from the past that holds the key to the present?

All in all it looks like March will be the best month for LOST this season, I, for one, will be glued to each and every episode.

- Jon Lachons, BuddyTV Senior Writer