Lost: Five Questions about "The Beginning of the End"
Lost: Five Questions about "The Beginning of the End"
We have an excruciatingly long time to wait before Lost returns with new episodes on April 24.  While we could spend that time worrying about the fates of Karl and Danielle Rousseau, I'd rather spend it looking back at the first eight episodes of season 4.  Lost is famous for leaving viewers with questions to ponder, so over the next month we're going to look back at each episode and discuss five questions that are still remaining about that particular installment.  Today we're venturing all the way back to the season premiere, "The Beginning of the End."  We still want to know what was up with Charlie's apparition, who was in Jacob's cabin, as well as a few other things.

1)  Why did Hurley lie about knowing Ana-Lucia?

After Hurley was arrested for his Dukes of Hazzard recreation, he told the police officer that he had never met Ana-Lucia.  This is just one of the many lies told by the Oceanic Six over the first half of the season. Later, in "Eggtown," Jack (Matthew Fox) testified that only eight people survived the crash.  I'm assuming that Ana-Lucia wasn't chosen as one of those eight, which means Hurley had to lie to keep the cover story solid.

While we know that Hurley lied to keep the conspiracy alive, we still don't know why there's a conspiracy in the first place.  I have a feeling we'll find out before the season comes to an end, and then the actions of the Oceanic Six will take on a whole new light.

2)  Who was the person in Jacob's cabin?

As Hurley (Jorge Garcia) peered into Jacob's cabin, a mysterious eyeball popped up out of nowhere and startled him.  You can see a screen cap of the eyeball here.  We still have no idea who was hanging out in the cabin, though the most common guess seems to be that it was John Locke.  However, that eye just doesn't look like it belongs to Terry O'Quinn.

Who could it be?  Jacob himself?  Miles?  Desmond?  Mikhail?  It's impossible to say, though I think I'll put my money on Miles (Ken Leung).  Just because they initially found him "passed out" on a rock doesn't mean he wasn't whispering to some ghosts on the island before then.

3)  What was the deal with Charlie?

I loved seeing Dominic Monaghan back on the show as much as anyone, though I have no idea why Charlie appeared to Hurley at the institution.  Was this Hurley's occasionally crazy mind playing tricks on him, or was this an actual manifestation from the island?

Making this question more interesting is the fact that a fellow patient told Hurley that some guy was staring at him.  Did the patient actually see Charlie, or did he see the guy in this picture who was standing behind Charlie?

Dominic Monaghan

My guess is that the island has the ability to create illusions, even if it is thousands of miles away.  If the island can stop Michael (Harold Perrineau) from killing himself, surely it has the power to make a hobbit appear.

4)  When does Hurley's flash forward take place?

With all of these flash forwards coming at us, it can be hard to keep track of Lost's future timeline.  Hurley still seemed rather sane when he visited Sun (Yunjin Kim) in "Ji Yeon," so we can assume his time in the institution took place after that.  When Jack came to visit him, was he wearing the same suit that he later wore to Kate's (Evangeline Lilly) trial?  Did these two events take place on the same day?  If so, just how far in the future is this?  Aaron appeared to be four or five-years-old in "Eggtown," so was Hurley's flash forward taking place years down the line?

I hope there comes a time when someone can make a comprehensive timeline of all these events. However, I don't think we have enough information just yet.

5)  Why does Hurley think he should have stayed with Jack?

When Jack came to visit Hurley at the institution, the big guy told him that he regretted going with John Locke.  Since then we've seen Hurley lie to his friends and get locked in a closet on the island, but surely something more traumatizing must happen to him that we've yet to see.  Could Locke be leading everyone to their doom?

I can't help but wonder if Locke will eventually find out about the "temple" that Ben (Michael Emerson) talked about in "Meet Kevin Johnson."  Perhaps he'll try to lead the barracks crew there for salvation, only to run into the same problem that Danielle, Alex, and Karl faced.  If Locke makes a leadership decision this disastrous, I could easily see Hurley wanting to run back to Jack's side.

I have no idea when any of these questions will be answered, but I'm hoping some of them are cleared up when Lost returns on April 24.  What questions about "The Beginning of the End" still linger in your mind?

- Don Williams, BuddyTV Staff Columnist
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