Lost: Five Questions about "Eggtown"
Lost: Five Questions about "Eggtown"
When I think back to the fourth episode of Lost's current season, "Eggtown," the first thing I realize is that I still have no idea what that title means.  I guess it could be referring to Kate's (Evangeline Lilly) pregnancy scare, but it just makes me picture a tiny little Fisher Price village set up in her womb. Though the title is a bit of a mystery, it's meaning is not of the five questions that stuck with me when looking back on this episode.  There are much more interesting things to wonder about, such as Miles' blackmail demands, Jack's lies, and how Aaron came to be in Kate's care.

1)  What's the deal with Kate and Aaron?

When Aaron was revealed to be Kate's "son" at the end of this episode, many questions were raised.  One of those questions was whether Aaron counted as one of the Oceanic Six.  Though it hasn't technically been confirmed on the series, both the producers and the ABC promos have admitted that Aaron is one of the six. At least that's one question with a definite answer.

However, many questions about Aaron remain.  Does the world actually think he's Kate's son, or do they think she adopted him after Claire (Emilie de Ravin) disappeared?  Speaking of Claire, what happened to her?  Did she die on the island?  Did she have no choice but to stay on the island and send Aaron away?

Part of me thinks that Kate must have adopted Aaron, which explains why her lawyer wanted to bring him into court.  Showing that Kate adopted an adorable little child after his mother "died" would prove to the jury that she's heroic and selfless.  However, would Kate's mother refer to Aaron as her grandson if she knew he was adopted?  Maybe, maybe not.

Everything involving Kate and Aaron is still shrouded in mystery, so it's impossible to make much sense of it.  I think we'll find out more about this by the end of the season.

2)  Is it significant that Jack said eight people survived the crash?

There are two possible reasons why Jack (Matthew Fox) would have lied about eight people surviving the crash:  One possibility is that the people behind the conspiracy made up the number, thinking that it sounded more realistic to say that a couple people died from their injuries on the island.  In that case, it doesn't matter who those two people were.  Adding them in just makes for a stronger, more plausible story.

The other possibility is that he had to add in two deaths in order to explain the two children that came from the island.  If the world does know that Aaron is adopted, then obviously they must think that Claire had the baby on the island and died afterwards.  That's one death explained.  Sun (Yunjin Kim) would also have to explain how she got pregnant while on the island, making it necessary to say that Jin (Daniel Dae Kim) died after the crash.  That's two deaths explained.

3)  Why does Miles want $3.2 million, and how does Ben have access to it?

The fact that Miles (Ken Leung) asked for such a specific amount of money shows that he needs it for something extremely important.  If he had asked for, say, $10 million, we'd all just think he was money hungry and think nothing of it.  $3.2 million, on the other hand, is a strange amount to ask for.  Does he have an old debt to pay off?  Does he have a ransom demand to deal with?  Does he have his eye on a really swanky mansion in the Hollywood Hills?  There's any number of possibilities.

We also learned that, not only does Ben (Michael Emerson) apparently have access to millions, but Miles knows he has access to millions.  Just how much do these freighter folk know about the former Henry Gale?  How does a man who supposedly grew up on an island have access to such a huge sum of money?  And, most importantly, how does Miles expect him to get it?  Does he want him to swing by the Orchid station's ATM machine?

These are all very interesting questions, and unfortunately I don't have answers to them.  My only guess is that Ben has been very busy during his off-island adventures.  He's either stolen, inherited, or worked very hard to come into large amounts of cash.  All this proves is that there's still a lot to Ben that we've yet to learn.

4)  Did Miles want to get captured?

There's a scene in the episode where Miles tells Kate that he's exactly where he wants to be, making it seem like he wanted to be captured.  If so, why?  I assume he wanted to be closer to Ben, but Miles must have some sort of plan brewing that we don't know about.  I wonder if this plan also involves Lapidus, who took off in the helicopter on some unspecified mission in "Ji Yeon."

One possibility is that Miles has some sort of tracking device in his possession.  If so, he would know that the freighter folk would eventually come for him, and also find Ben in the process.  Could it have been his fellow crew members who were hiding in the jungle at the end of "Meet Kevin Johnson"?  Maybe Lapidus and the gang are already on their way.

5)  Why doesn't Jack want to see Aaron?

While Jack talks to Kate in the parking garage at the end of the episode, it becomes obvious that he has no desire to see Aaron.  It's clear that something must have happened that would make seeing Aaron too painful for him.  Maybe seeing the kid would remind him of Claire's death, or perhaps Aaron is simply a symbol of the Oceanic conspiracy that has consumed his life.  If Kate has lied to the world about Aaron being her son, it's possible that Jack just doesn't want to see the lie in action.  The answer to this question is directly related to the answer to question number one, which means we've now come full circle.

Next week, I'll be back to ask five questions about "The Constant" and "The Other Woman."

- Don Williams, BuddyTV Staff Columnist
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