'Lost' Finale Was the Highest Rated Show of the Week
'Lost' Finale Was the Highest Rated Show of the Week
The Lost season 4 finale was the most-watched show on television last week.  Usually just breaking the top-twenty in weekly viewers according to the Nielsens, Lost had 12.3 million viewers tune in to the two-hour finale.  This is great news for Lost, which has dipped in the ratings ever since its much-hyped first season.  It has to be noted, however, that the season finale aired with little competition.  ABC opted to air the finale in the last week of May, after almost every other network series had aired their season finale.  Still, it never hurts to be number one.

I find it a little bit weird that Lost's ratings fluctuate at all.  Given that the series is a serial, and has to be watched from beginning to end, you'd assume that Lost would retain a similar number of viewers every week.  You can't just pick up at a random episode.  I'd buy it if Lost constantly lost viewers who give up on the show (they'd be fools, though), but that logic doesn't work when we see that the finale picked up a significant amount of viewers.  Why the fluctuation?

I'm guessing it has to do with Lost fans using alternate methods to watch the series, whether it's illegally downloading the episodes, watching them online, recording them on DVR or simply waiting for the DVDs to come out.  I know a number of Lost fans who don't catch Lost as it airs.  I'm one of them.  It's rare for me to tune in right as a new episode airs.  Lost is so suspenseful that watching it with commercials can be excruciating.  My friends and I typically wait until we've gained enough DVR capital to watch the episodes sans commercial breaks.  I'm sure ABC has their own metrics tracking how many people are actually watching Lost, and it has to be significantly larger than 12.3 million.

-Oscar Dahl, BuddyTV Senior Writer
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