LOST Finale to Deliver Action, not Answers
LOST Finale to Deliver Action, not Answers
The pressure is on for LOST to shine in a week where several top shows end for the season.  Tonight alone saw Heroes and 24 deliver hotly anticipated season closers designed to keep fans talking through the off-season.  LOST has set the bar for the last two TV seasons when it comes to keeping fans buzzing.  With the first season, it was the kidnapping of Walt, and the long unrevealing look into the abyss of the hatch.  Season two left us with the uncertain fate of Locke, Desmond, and Mr. Eko, capped by the bizarre scene of mysterious individuals seemingly discovering the location of the island on behalf of Penny Widmore.  Will season three of LOST deliver the goods?

Last week's “Greatest Hits” set up the playing field for the end game.   Jack is leading everyone but Jin, Sayid, and Bernard to the radio tower where they expect to be able to place a call to Naomi’s boat.  The trio is going to stay behind to shoot dynamite as the “Others” come into camp.  When we left off, Charlie was doing his part, swimming down to the mysterious “Looking Glass” station to switch off the device that is jamming all outgoing communications from the island.

The producers have placed stakes on a long awaited confrontation with the “Others” being the sort of satisfying conclusion that fans are looking for.  ABC news reported straight from the horse's mouth that this season finale is all about action and not answers.  The answers come later.

"The finale promises a showdown between our guys and the Others, and we really deliver on that." Carlton Cuse told ABC news.

All indications are, with the camp split three ways, that this confrontation will be represented in many different arenas.  If the idea of out and out war does not appeal to you, though, do not give up hope.  The rumor is the last five minutes of the finale will change the way we think about LOST forever. 

What is your opinion; do you think that a “War” was the right choice to center the season finale around?

- Jon Lachonis, BuddyTV Senior Writer
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