LOST Fans Take to YouTube for Relief
LOST Fans Take to YouTube for Relief
With season four of LOST still a forbidding seven-eight months away, fans have taken to remixing episodes to amuse themselves.  The most infamous LOST remix so far, the plane crash from all possible angles, even made the national news, popping up everywhere from Attack of the Show to Headline news, in addition to topping Digg and - of course - LOST fan sites everywhere.

The video which has captured the most attention is a collage that uses clips from the Pilot episode, the Second season finale, and the third season premiere to create a chronologically accurate portrayal of the fateful plane crash from all angles.  LOST fans will be treated to a trip down memory lane as they see watch Desmond wrestle the deceptive Kelvin while Jack (Matthew Fox) quips and charms his way into some extra vodka in the distant skies, all the while Juliet (Elizabeth Mitchell) defends her choice of Stephen King's Carrie for The Others' book club.

Once the original cut began getting traction, numerous copycats came along, which eventually lead to a debate over time line discrepancies worthy of LOST fan's infamous reputation for obsessive detailing.  You won't hear LOST fans complaining much though, anything that keeps the show salient is a blessing at this point.

Aside from fans attempting to create the ultimate time-accurate recreation of the crash, there are plenty of parodies as well.  Everything from what LOST's opening credits would look like if it were 70's sitcom, to the recently released 'LOST in 30 Seconds' that offers a possible conclusion for the series where Hurley, Sawyer, and Jin find a TomTom box and are given directions off the island.

With the creators still in "radio silence" mode ahead of the San Diego comic con, it's not surprising to see fans having a hard time coming down from the exhausting close to season three.  As is the case with every LOST finale, fans are desperate to know the answers.  While the date of the panel has yet to be announced, LOST traditionally holds a question and answers session every year at the convention, and is generally fairly open about what is to come on the show.  In  the meantime, ingenious LOST fans will just have to keep finding ways to amuse themselves, and each other.

- Jon Lachnonis, BuddyTV Senior Writer
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