'Lost' Fans Speak out on Emmy Snub
'Lost' Fans Speak out on Emmy Snub
The big news for Lost fans this week was the show's failure to gain an Outstanding Drama Series nomination at the Emmys.   Some fans were heartbroken, others expected it, some were outraged, and still some disregarded the idea of a ‘snub' and chose to celebrate the important and highly relevant nominations the show did receive.  Here is a sampling of what Lost fans had to say from all around the internet.
Shelby said “This is insane! I can't believe Lost didn't get nominated. It's easily one of the best shows on TV and while it was hurting a little in the second season, the third was amazing. The nominees are all good shows but Lost is better.”

Some analysts who predicted Lost would not be nominated were placing the blame on Lost's second season, and the show's inability to regain lost viewers.  If Emmy viewers who were not familiar with the show came into voting knowing that the show had been tracking down in the ratings, they may have voted with the sense that Lost was a sinking ship.

Dvikib sain “Thank heavens the Academy at least had the good sense to nominate Terry O'Quinn (Locke) and Michael Emerson (Ben) in the supporting actor category.”

This is O'Quinn's second nomination for Lost in this category, and all the sweeter since hardcore fans were disappointed with the direction O'Quinn's character John Locke took in the second season.  Michael Emerson delivered a spectacularly nuanced performance and the Lock Vs. Ben showdown in this category has Lost fans split.

Jaye from Los Angeles offered these words of wisdom “Lost was not full of the positive hype the way that a show like Heroes was. Lost was ‘well they recovered from a crappy start of season' where Heroes was ‘came in strong and just keeps getting stronger'. Plus ratings trends do get considered. Lost has lost a little each season, and even in this season.”

Most of the static for Lost is generated by the fans themselves.  Television critics who either didn't like the show to begin with, or had finished the honeymoon phase, were quick to use the fan unrest as the basis for article after article trashing Lost and declaring its day in the sun at an end.   In spite of this, Lost returned to form and silenced many of its critics while satiating the restless fans.

Lost fans will have another shot next year, now that the series has found its way.  It's only challenge with Emmy voters and fans alike will be making its reduced load of sixteen episodes worth waiting for.

- Jon Lachonis, BuddyTV Senior Writer
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