'Lost' Execs Drop Hints About Season 5
'Lost' Execs Drop Hints About Season 5
One of the biggest questions regarding the future of Lost is how the show will be structured now that some castaways are off the island and others are stuck there.  Last month, one of my colleagues wrote an article listing five different ways the show could be structured to accommodate all the cast members next season, but we still don't know what showrunners Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse have planned.  The executive producers have kept silent about the series since the season 4 finale aired, and don't plan to reveal much information until they appear at the San Diego Comic-Con this Saturday.

Though we have to wait a few days to get any major scoop, Lindelof and Cuse did hint at what's in store for Lost's fifth season when they attended the recent TCA press tour.

According to Kristin at E!Online, Lindelof and Cuse are aware that viewers might get frustrated if the castaways are split up for a lengthy period of time.  "We have that [issue] intensely in mind," Lindelof stated.  He mentioned that separating the characters is an important storyline for the series, but admitted he's aware that audiences will get fed up if the Losties are apart for too long.

Aside from the news that the castaways will be reunited sooner rather than later, Carlton Cuse revealed that Daniel Dae Kim will appear on the show "in some form" in the future.  Whether that means alive, dead, or solely in flashbacks has yet to be determined.  Cuse went on to discuss the goal for season 5, stating, "This is a tricky year for us. This is like The Two Towers [portion of The Lord of the Rings saga]...it links us to the final season...We've known a lot of what we want to do there [in the final season] for a long time, but the challenge is how do we make this season engaging and exciting.  The worst thing we could ever do on the show is for the show to be boring...If we're going to be bad, we're going to be spectacularly bad."

Considering that Lost just earned an Emmy nomination for Outstanding Drama Series, I doubt we have to worry about season 5 being anything less than excellent.  Remember that BuddyTV will be reporting straight from the Lost Comic-Con panel on Saturday, so check back for all the latest updates.

- Don Williams, BuddyTV Staff Writer
Source: E!Online
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