Lost: Episode 5.11 "Whatever Happened, Happened" Recap (Page 1/4)
Lost: Episode 5.11 "Whatever Happened, Happened" Recap (Page 1/4)
John Kubicek
John Kubicek
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Previously on Lost: Sayid escaped from DHARMA-Ville and shot Young Ben.  In the chest.  At point blank range.  Anything other than Young Ben's death had better come with a really good explanation.

The “Previously on Lost” package includes Cassidy telling Sawyer that he has a daughter named Clementine, Kate helping Cassidy, and Sawyer whispering something into Kate’s ear. It’s pretty easy to connect the dots based solely on the clips they chose to show.

Back in 1977, Jin regains consciousness and sees Young Ben on the ground. He turns him over and, miraculously, Young Ben isn’t dead. I probably should be surprised, but since Ben did pretty much the same thing to John Locke, it makes sense that bullets aren’t quite as powerful on the Island. Unless you’re Ana-Lucia or Libby or Shannon or Ethan or any of the many, many other people who’ve been killed by guns on this show.

Jin takes Young Ben back to camp, where Horace is organizing a search party for the escaped Hostile as well as the person on the inside who helped him escape. Kate helps Roger Linus fix a car as Jin drives up. Roger rushes to his son, which causes Kate to have a flashback.

It’s sometime soon after the Oceanic 6 came back, because Kate is driving around a baby Aaron. She pulls up to a nice house and, as you might have expected, it’s Cassidy’s house. Kate’s there to drop off some money and check up on Clementine, which is what Sawyer whispered to her at the end of last season, in case you hadn’t already guessed. By the way, I totally called that during the episode last year, and my friend who sat next to me can vouch for it.

Kate gives her some money and tells her the truth about Sawyer still being alive, but for mysterious reasons, she continues to lie about being Aaron’s mother.

On the Island, Horace learns that Sayid’s cell was opened using a janitor’s key, which sends Sawyer to Roger Linus. Sawyer has clearly spent the last three years becoming a master detective, because he almost immediately deduces that Young Ben stole his dad’s keys, helped Sayid escape, and then got shot by Sayid in a betrayal.

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