Lost: Episode 4.8 "Meet Kevin Johnson" Live Thoughts
Lost: Episode 4.8 "Meet Kevin Johnson" Live Thoughts
Previously on Lost:  Sun (Yunjin Kim) made it off the island in time to have her baby and catch a dubbed episode of "Exposé," but Jin (Daniel Dae Kim) wasn't so lucky.  Sayid and Desmond ran into Michael on the freighter, but for some reason he's posing as an innocent janitor named Kevin Johnson.  We also met the captain of the Kahana, who is getting really tired of his crew members going insane and killing themselves.

Tonight's episode marks the final Lost installment until April 24, which is when the show moves to 10pm.  Let's hope it's filled with enough mind-blowing revelations to keep us all talking until then.

Tonight's hour begins with Locke dragging Miles in front of the barracks gang.  Miles explains that his people are there for Ben, and that's when Ben (Michael Emerson) finally decides to spill the beans. Not only does he say that the freighter folk will kill everyone on the island after they capture him, but he also admits that Michael is his spy on the boat.

On the freighter, Captain Gault is pissed.  Crew members want to take off on the raft, but he'd rather beat them senseless than allow such a thing.  He tells Kevin Johnson to clean up the stains on the deck, but before he can do that, Sayid (Naveen Andrews) intercepts him and asks him why he's on the boat.  Michael's response?  "I'm here to die."

Sawyer (Josh Holloway) wants to know why Miles wants over three million bucks, but of course Miles isn't up for revealing that information.  He only says that Ben will most definitely come up with the money.  Inside, Ben gives Alex, Karl, and Rousseau a map to some sort of sanctuary.  Apparently that's where The Others are hanging out as well.  Ben says they'll be safer there and tells them to go immediately.

Sayid and Desmond (Henry Ian Cusick) corner Michael and ask him once again what the hell he's doing on the boat.  Flashback time!  Michael gets into his car and hears "It's Getting Better" by The Mamas and the Papas on the radio.  However, the music of Mama Cass doesn't sit well with him, because he decides to drive his car into a dumpster at 90 miles per hour.  He mutters "I'm sorry" right before crashing.

Michael (Harold Perrineau) wakes up in the hospital and is shocked to see Libby bringing him some blankets.  Luckily for him, it's just a dream.  The real nurse asks if she should call Walt, but Michael says no.  After he gets out of the hospital, he goes to visit his mom, who is looking after the boy.  Mom is upset that Michael came back from a plane crash without giving her any explanation as to where he was.  She won't allow him to see Walt, but he does appear for a moment in the window as Michael walks away.

Michael stops at a pawn shop and trades Jin's old watch for a pistol.  The man is really determined to kill himself, and even goes into an alley and gets ready to blow his head off.  That's when Mr. Friendly, AKA Tom, shows up and interrupts him.  Michael tries to shoot him, but it just leads to a brutal fight instead.  Tom figures out that Michael told Walt about the murders of Libby and Ana-Lucia, and now Michael can't stand the way his boy looks at him.  However, he tells Michael that it's impossible for him to kill himself because the island won't let him.  Creepy!

Michael loads up the gun, goes to a motel room, and tries to shoot himself in the head.  Nothing happens. He gets ready to try again, but is interrupted by the news of the Oceanic 815 crash.  He then goes to visit Mr. Friendly and his off-island gay lover, Arturo.  Finally, confirmation that Tom is gay!  Friendly explains to Michael that the Flight 815 crash was staged by Charles Widmore.  He even shows Michael photos of the empty graveyard where Widmore dug up the corpses for the staged crash, as well as assorted documents proving the man was behind it all.  He tells Michael about the freighter, gives him his fake "Kevin Johnson" passport, and tells him to go undercover.  Widmore is going to the island to kill the castaways, but if Michael tags along, he can redeem himself by murdering the freighter folk before they get there.

The Kahana is getting ready to set sail.  Kevin Johnson shows up and meets Minkowski and Naomi for the first time.  He also meets Miles (Ken Leung), who instinctively knows that Kevin is not his real name.  He tells Michael not to worry about it, since a lot of the people on the freighter are lying about something. Friendly gives Michael a call and tells him about a "care package" that will be waiting for him on the boat. Michael feels uneasy about murdering people, but Tom reminds him that all of his friends will die if he doesn't do something.

Lapidus introduces himself to Michael and tells him the story about the fake 815 crash.  Frank admits that he's on the journey so he can find the real plane wreckage and maybe rescue some people.  Later, the freighter folk amuse themselves by skeet shooting with a machine gun.  This is not the type of crowd I would want coming to my rescue, let me tell you.

Michael opens up his care package and finds a bomb.  It's his mission to blow up the entire ship and everyone on it, including himself.  Michael gets ready to set the bomb, but he's distracted by visions of Libby and more Mama Cass floating through his head.  He finally hits the "Execute" button, the bomb counts down from ten. . .and a tiny scroll pops out.  It reads "Not Yet."

How does this episode only have ten minutes left?  Where did the hour go?

Michael is bouncing a tennis ball against the wall, which may explain the noise Sayid and Desmond heard while in their room.  Minkowski tells Michael that he has a call from Walt, but it's really Ben on the other line. Ben explains that some people on the boat are innocent, and he has no desire to kill innocent people, hence the fake bomb.  Ben wants Michael to compile a list naming everyone on the boat, then he's meant to destroy the radio and the boat's engine.

Alright, we're finally back to the present.  Sayid is pissed that Michael is working for Ben, so he drags Michael in to the captain's quarters and spills the true story.  Sayid, why would you do that?

Oh yeah, I completely forgot about that trip to the sanctuary.  Rousseau, Karl, and Alex are still in the jungle, and Karl is starting to worry that Ben has set them up.  He's right.  Bullets start flying through the jungle and Karl gets shot in the chest and killed.  Rousseau also gets shot as they run away, but she cannot possibly be dead because I refuse to allow that to happen.  She hasn't even had her flashback episode yet!  Alex stands up and screams that she's Ben's daughter while the shooter moves toward her.

The end.  The end?!  Noooo!  It's going to be a really long month waiting for this cliffhanger to be resolved.

- Don Williams, BuddyTV Staff Columnist
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