Lost: Episode 4.12 "There's No Place Like Home, Part 1" Live Thoughts
Lost: Episode 4.12 "There's No Place Like Home, Part 1" Live Thoughts
Last week, Lost gave us one of its best episodes ever while showing us the secret origins of John Locke.  It turns out that both Richard Alpert and Matthew Abaddon were trying to get Locke to the island long before he ever rolled on to Flight 815.  We also got another glimpse into Jacob's cabin, where Christian Shephard and a very creepy Claire (Emilie de Ravin) informed Locke that he needs to move the island.  Does that mean tying the island to a boat and stepping on the gas, or does he have to find a way to move it through time?  Like many things on Lost, that remains a mystery.

Tonight, in part one of the three part season finale, we finally start to learn what happened to the Oceanic Six after leaving the island.  I'll be here with live thoughts throughout the episode.

The episode begins on an airplane carrying the Oceanic Six back to the mainland.  Miss Decker, played by the awesome Michelle Forbes from Battlestar Galactica, informs the group that they're going to be landing near Honolulu.  Their families and the press will be waiting for them there.  She tells them that they don't have to talk to the press, but Jack (Matthew Fox) is ready and willing to spin a few lies.  He says that if they get any elements of their story incorrect, the press will just assume they're in shock.

After the plane lands, the Six are reunited with their families.  It's an extremely emotional moment, and Michael Giacchino's awesome score knows how to sell it.  The parents of Hurley and Sun (Yunjin Kim) are there, as is Jack's mom, but Sayid and Kate have no one to greet them.

Back on the beach, the group is trying to figure out what to do with the SAT phone that fell from the helicopter last week.  Daniel (Jeremy Davies) turns it on and hears the crew talking about the Orchid Station. Juliet claims that she doesn't know what that is, but savvy Lost fans who saw the orientation video online certainly do.  Daniel knows that the Orchid Station is the secondary protocol, and he tells Charlotte that they need to get off the island immediately.

Against Juliet's wishes, Jack traipses off into the jungle to track the chopper.  Kate goes with him, and they soon run into Miles (Ken Leung), Sawyer, and Aaron.  Ah, the gang is back together again.  Sawyer explains that Claire walked off and disappeared, then fills the duo in on the destruction of New Otherton.  Though Sawyer thinks that Jack is nuts for going after the helicopter, Jack thinks it's his responsibility since he sent Sayid and Desmond (Henry Ian Cusick) to the freighter.  Sawyer decides to go with him while Kate stays behind to look after Aaron.

At a press conference, Miss Decker spins the fake tale of what happened to the Oceanic Six.  She claims that Kate (Evangeline Lilly) gave birth to Aaron while on the island, then invites the reporters to ask questions.  One reporter asks why they look so healthy after being on the island for 100 days, which is a question Hurley takes offense to.  She also tells him that he'll be getting his lottery winnings back, which terrifies him.

Sun is asked if her husband died on the island, but she claims that he never made it off the plane.  As for Aaron, one reporter seems to find it strange that Kate was six months pregnant when she got on the plane in Australia.  The press conference comes to an end before their story can fall apart completely.  After they're done talking to reporters, Sayid (Naveen Andrews) is reunited with Nadia for the first time in years.

Sayid finally arrives back on the island and tells everyone that the folks on the freighter plan to kill them all. Meanwhile, the trio of Ben, Hurley, and Locke (Terry O'Quinn) are going to the Orchid Station to attempt to move the island.  Ben says it's a dangerous and unpredictable procedure.  He also happens to have an emergency stash buried underneath a rock in a clearing.  His box of goodies contains a mirror, which he holds up to the sun to communicate with somebody.  John wants to know what message he passed along, but of course Ben keeps it to himself.

Sayid is going to go after Jack while Daniel helps people get to the freighter.  Kate says that she needs to go with him, so she hands Aaron over to Sun for safekeeping.  Jin (Daniel Dae Kim), Sun, and some red shirts are some of the first people to speed away from the island.

When Mr. Paik inquires how Sun's baby is doing, she tells him he has no right to ask.  She knows that he always hated Jin, and she's ready to get back at him for it.  She's used her settlement from Oceanic to buy a controlling interest in his company, and she now demands his respect.  Sun says that, because he persuaded them to get on Flight 815, he's one of two people responsible for Jin's death.  After she has her baby, she'll sit down with him to discuss the future of the company.  Sun is SO awesome.

Hurley (Jorge Garcia) arrives at his parents' house and finds a coconut in the living room.  He also starts hearing the mysterious island whispers.  He grabs a Jesus statue and gets ready to club someone, but it turns out it's just a coming home surprise party.  Hurley's mom tells him that "Jesus is not a weapon."  Ha!

Kate and Sayid are also at the party, but Jack is running late.  When Hurley's dad tells him that he has a gift for him, Hurley tells him that it better not have been bought with the lottery money.  It wasn't.  His dad fixed up his old car.  Hurley gets in, and in an extremely creepy moment sees that the infamous numbers are on the speedometer.  It reads 4 8 15 16 23 42.  Hurley claims he wants no part of this madness and runs away.

The Three Musketeers arrive at the Orchid Station.  Ben (Michael Emerson) is cautious while approaching it, telling them that Charles Widmore also wants something that's in there.  The freighter folk have already arrived, which is going to make moving the island even more complicated.

The boat arrives at the freighter, and I patiently wait for something horrible to happen to Jin.  Daniel drives off to pick up more survivors.  Needless to say, Sun and Jin are a tad shocked when they see Michael (Harold Perrineau) hanging out.  Now that he's repaired the engine, the boat can get moving toward the island on the bearing of 305.  The makeshift captain tells Desmond that something is interfering with a signal on the boat, and Desmond tells him he'll figure out what it is.

Jack and Sawyer (Josh Holloway) arrive at the helicopter, where Lapidus is handcuffed to the seat.  He explains that the freighter folk are going to grab Ben, and they won't hesitate to kill whoever is with him.  Sawyer knows that Hurley is with Ben, so someone is going to have to rescue the big guy.

In the flash-forward, it's time for Christian Shephard's funeral.  After Jack gives the eulogy and everyone leaves the church, he runs into a woman who wants to speak with him.  She says that she's the reason his dad went to Australia in the first place.  He wanted to see his daughter.  She then tells him that the daughter was named Claire, and Jack's head nearly explodes.  That would be one hell of a shocker.

Michael tells Sun how he got back to New York.  After spending a couple of days on Ben's raft, he came to an island filled with people.  From there he hopped on a boat and made his way back to the city.  In a compartment on the freighter, Desmond has discovered enough C4 to blow up a small planet, or possibly an island.  That can't be good.

In the jungle, Sayid and Kate run into Richard Alpert, who was most likely signaled by Ben earlier.  They hold him at gunpoint, but soon they're surrounded by a horde of Others with even bigger and better weapons.  They're screwed.  Meanwhile, Ben gives Locke instructions on how to get into the Orchid Station, which is located under a greenhouse.  Ben claims that he'll take care of the men from the freighter.  He has a plan, just like he always does.

The episode comes to a close with Ben turning himself in to Keamy and his men.  Keamy knocks him out with the butt of his gun, and that's the ending of the first part of Lost's finale.  Remember, the season wraps up with a big two hour extravaganza airing May 29 at 9pm.

- Don Williams, BuddyTV Staff Writer
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