Lost: Enjoying That Which You Don't Understand
Lost: Enjoying That Which You Don't Understand
Where the hell do you even begin after an episode like that?  Lost's third season 4 episode aired last night and it was one of those Lost episodes that kind of just leaves you numb.  Lost is the only show I can name where, after watching a particularly baffling episode, I'm not sure if I liked the episode.  Generally, I suspect that I loved it and once I take a couple of days to digest the episode, this usually turns out to be the case.  There was a lot to love in last night's episode “The Economist,” but there was also a massive quantity of new stuff thrown in.  The episode was saturated with information.  And then, of course, there was the ending, which was the type of twist that makes both casual and hardcore throw up their hands in astonishment and ask a collective “What?!!?!?!?!”

Just so I can gather my thoughts...

What we learned last night:

Sayid is one of the Oceanic 6.

Sayid is a contract killer who works for Ben.

He works for Ben to “protect his friends.”

Ben is alive in the flash forward (can we assume that he's not the one in the casket now?)

Per Faraday, there is some sort of time-altering anomaly surrounding the island. 

Jacob's house has moved, was imaginary, has decoy landmarks, or...I don't know.  This part baffled me.

Ben either has been leaving the island more than we suspected, or he wants people to think he's been leaving the island. 

So, that's a pretty nice helping of info for just one hour of television.  But, when you add this to all of the new questions that are raised, it almost becomes too much.  I sat in my recliner, watching “The Economist,” trying to process everything, and then Ben showed up in a Berlin dog kennel as Sayid's boss.  I felt like my mind was about to explode.  Seriously, I didn't even try to think about it last night – just went to bed and waited for the morning. 

Reading the online discussion of last night's episode, I think the most overlooked aspect is the mere fact that Ben is still alive in the flash forward.  Also, the end wasn't just a cool twist for the episode – it's a humongous plot point for the entire series.  Say what you will about Sayid and his violent ways, but he always has his reasons for what he does.  He wouldn't suddenly just turn evil and work for Ben.  Is it possible that Mr. Linus may have some redeeming value? 

I'm also interested in the “friends” Sayid is protecting.  Are they talking about Kate and Jack?  Or, maybe not Kate, but just the rest of the Oceanic 6?  I have a feeling that the “friends” may actually be the survivors who still remain on the island.  No one ever knows where Lost is going, and that's what's great about it, but given how fast the story is moving along at this point, I have to believe that by the beginning of season 5, the flash forwards will become Lost's present (or maybe even past).  Seasons 5 and 6 have to involve Jack and company going back to the island, correct? 

The reason I say this in regards to last night's episode is that it would be a huge cheat by the Lost team if the flash forward in “The Economist” took place after the events of season 6.  The more the mysteries pile up this season, the more skeptical I become about Lost's ability to answer the questions they're raising.  And, this is why I don't know what to think about last night's episode, despite the fact that it was awesome. 

I hope that makes sense. 

-Oscar Dahl, BuddyTV Senior Writer
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