Lost Easter Eggs: Episode 4.1 "The Beginning of the End"
Lost Easter Eggs: Episode 4.1 "The Beginning of the End"
John Kubicek
John Kubicek
Senior Writer, BuddyTV
Each week, hardcore fans of Lost watch every episode carefully, attempting to spot any hidden clues or connections that might help them better understand just what is going on.  More than any other show, Lost loves putting in these little Easter Eggs, things especially placed in an episode for the eagle-eyed viewers.

BuddyTV is here to help spot what you might have missed.  Every week we'll be giving you the small details and the thoughtful analysis of mysteries and connection to previous episodes.  Some you may not have seen, others you may have spotted immediately, but either way, these Easter Eggs are what make watching an episode of Lost the great experience that it is.

This week, we saw connections to past episodes, past characters, and even to the recent Missing Pieces mobisode series.  First up, however, is something that might not even be considered an Easter Egg because the writers were so open and honest about it.

In the opening scene, the cop who interrogates Hurley in the flash forward said he used to be partners with someone on Oceanic flight 815, Ana-Lucia Cortez.  We all remember Ana-Lucia, as does Hurley, since he was present at her funeral, though he claimed not to recognize the name.

The reason we're considering this an Easter Egg is because, even if the writers didn't mention this connection, we still would've made it.  The officer, named Mike, is played by Michael Cudlitz.  In true Lost fashion, the creative team didn't just bring back the name, they brought back the same actor.  Cudlitz was in fact the same man who played Ana-Lucia's partner in her first flashback episode way back in the second season, "Collision."  So right off the bat, kudos to the Lost casting department for bothering to get these small guest actors to return for multiple episodes.  As we'll see later, this was not the only instance of this.


-John Kubicek, BuddyTV Senior Writer
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