Lost: Departing Writer's Official Statement Still Confusing
Lost: Departing Writer's Official Statement Still Confusing
Let's put in mind first the many ways Lost crew will utilize to keep things cryptic.  So we're all on their tail at this time, perhaps looking outright for some spoilers, or at the very least, guarantees.  And yet they remain confusing.

So it was quite a laugh to see that this has bled out to another aspect of Lost living: who's leaving and who's going behind the scenes.  In this case, the departure of writer Brian K. Vaughan, for what creator Damon Lindelof simply described as "greener pastures".  No more, no less.

Well, there's speculation that the comic book writer's returning to his roots, or maybe to oversee how the film adaptations of his works--Ex Machina and Y: The Last Man, among them--will translate.  But there's been no official statement, at least from where I am, apart from what Lindelof said, and ABC's confirmation of the matter.

Until Vaughan himself released a statement.  And, in usual Lost fashion, it's still confusing.

The folks at blog Robot6 asked the writer why he left, and he gave a pretty cryptic response via email.  It is, according to the subject line, his "only official statement", and what Vaughan said was pretty straightforward.

"I can confirm that I left Lost to become best friends with Olivia Munn."

Forgive me for a second, but... ohmeegowsh, Olivia Munn!

Okay.  So that was cryptic and yet it send chills down those who have some sort of liking for the Attack of the Show host, me included.  But the important detail was with what Vaughan did afterwards: he posted a link to an entry on Munn's website about his departure from Lost.  What's written there is, well, the stuff that we already know--that Lindelof first spilled about the departure in a Q&A session with fans, and that he's leaving possibly to tackle those film projects.

I guess that's easy to read through: he is working on those films.  Right, Brian?

- Henrik Batallones, BuddyTV Staff Columnist
Source: Robot6
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