LOST Death Pool Overflowing!
LOST Death Pool Overflowing!
The grim reaper is working overtime on the set of ABC's LOST!  Already we've witnessed the brutal death of John Locke's father Anthony Cooper at the hands of the smooth southern conman Sawyer.  This week "The Man Behind the Curtain" ended with fan favorite taking one to the gut from the ominous Ben Linus.  The reformed addict Charlie has been dodging the reaper ever since the liberated hatch hermit Desmond took a spin through time and witnessed the rock stars impending demise.  The harvester of souls did have one misfire this month though when Mikhail A.K.A "Patchy" unexpectedly returned from the dead.  Could more death be ahead? Scoops and Spoilers ahead.

The popular LOST spoiler site DarkUFO is reporting five more deaths on the horizon, three men and two women. Among the mean, Charlie will finally lose his race with Mr. Death, Tom "Mr. Friendly" will meet a not so friendly end, and the "other" known as Pryce will pay the ultimate price.  The two females to get a glimpse at the other side have yet to be announced.

On a more upbeat side, my own contacts are telling me that five deaths is not the total for the finale, but the total for the month of May, and that only one of the DarkUFO deaths can actually be confirmed.  This would mean that Anthony Cooper's brutal end would count against the five, leaving only one more to go.

Michael Ausiello reported there would be a major character death in the finale, which would not be Charlie.  Could this mean Charlie is safe?  Or is an additional beacher done for?

On the list of most likely to go are the new characters introduced in recent months.  LOST sort of has a tradition for introducing some character fodder towards the end of its seasons.  Just look at poor Dr. Arzt!  This season we have three new characters, two we have yet to even meet.  The first is the nebulous Naomi, who claims to be part of a rescue party there to save Desmond, but perfectly willing to give the rest a ride.

Lana Parilla as Greta and Tracy Middendorf as Bonnie both debut in the episode "Greatest Hits" and recur in the finale as well.  They could be "others", beach dwellers we haven't met ala the loathed Paulo and Nikki, or they could fulfill another rumor as being parts of Naomi's team.  If they turn up to be part of Naomi's expedition, be prepared for a major turnabout.  A trusted source swears up and down that Naomi is part of a Dharma hit squad.

- Jon Lachonis, BuddyTV Senior Writer
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