Lost: Dalai Lamas, Heroes, Jacob and Evil Claire
Lost: Dalai Lamas, Heroes, Jacob and Evil Claire
Have the Lost writers known all this about John Locke since the beginning?  Was he the chosen one, the person who would be charged with saving the island all along?  One of my biggest hopes is that after season 6 has ended, and everything has been told, that Abrams, Cuse and Lindelof sit down and tell us where the Lost story started, which aspects they had planned all along, which were made up on the spot, and which were drastically changed.  That's a lot to ask for, but as a story/story structure buff, it would be endlessly fascinating.  Lost is a gigantic puzzle – did they have all the pieces in front of them in season one?  Season 2?  Locke's journey is fascinating, and he's definitely not your typical hero – somehow reluctant and willing at the same time, as we saw in the flashbacks last night.  Besides Locke's hero journey, everything else in “Cabin Fever” was mind-blowing and I'm not sure how to respond, but here goes:

Dalai Lama, Alpert and Abaddon

Little John Locke received the Dalai Lama test.  He chose poorly.  Even early on, he had a predilection for violence, it appears, but I'm not sure why that would keep him out of the running for the island's “chosen one.”  The island is a violent place, and if we are to believe Ben or Locke in that they've acted violently on behalf of the island/Jacob, then Alpert's annoyance at Locke's knife possession during the test doesn't make much sense.  Maybe discretion is key, because Alpert seemed very upset when Little Locke picked up that knife.  I think we're also missing something – why did Alpert target Locke from such a young age?  Was it simply the premature birth, the label as a “miracle child"?

Regardless of why Alpert is recruiting Locke throughout his childhood, it brings up some interesting timing.  Locke and Ben are roughly the same age (Locke is 48, Ben mid-forties”).  Mittelos/Alpert recruits him when he's around high-school age.  Then they stop until he's paralyzed, when Abaddon plants a more subtle seed in John's mind.  Was Locke the first choice and Ben the back-up?  Was the island/Alpert/Jacob/whoever looking to avoid “promoting from within” by finding a chosen one from off-the-island?  Ben's character might make some more sense if he knew that he was not the first choice to be whatever he became.

Then we get to Abaddon.  I still don't really get how he fits into everything (though last night helped), but his conversation with Locke in the hospital could be the key to the whole series.  It brings up this mind-effing question: Was the whole point of the Oceanic 815 crash to get John Locke to the island?  Was Abaddon and crew waiting until Locke returned from Australia to crash the plane? 

Claire and Christian

Claire, that was scary.  I've never been a huge fan of Claire – mostly indifferent.  But, man, Emilie De Ravin did one hell of a job in her brief cabin scene last night.  She was not Claire, detached, creepily satisfied with where she was.  It was all very disconcerting - she was almost acting like the evil version of herself.  Despite all the theories that have been popping up since “Cabin Fever” aired last night, I think that was the real Claire in the cabin and she is still alive.  She's clearly been let in on a little secret, either that or she's been mentally manipulated.  Whatever it is, she's been speaking with her dead father, who is now the voice of Jacob.  Maybe Jacob can only interact with humans via dead human vessels: hence Christian and others, like Yemi.  Claire probably isn't going to see her child again this season – maybe they'll be reunited in season 6.  That cabin scene, as much as I'd like to analyze it, is probably better off left alone for now.  The next three episodes will clear a lot of the mysteries up.  Lost has had a lot of far-fetched stories – how Locke and Ben end up moving the island might be the craziest.

Scene from Next Week

In the scene from next week, we see the Oceanic 6 arrive on the mainland.  Since next week is the beginning of the three part finale, I think we can surmise that all three episodes will feature the flash forwards of their arrival.  We should see the conspiracy, and fabricated stories come to life.  I can't wait.

-Oscar Dahl, BuddyTV Senior Writer
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