LOST Creators Have Their Ending
LOST Creators Have Their Ending
LOST producers Carlton Cuse and Damon Lindelof have announced that the ending of LOST has been conceived.  Recently the LOST creative staff held a top-secret summit and mapped out the next three seasons of the show including the moment that will bring LOST to a close forever. Don’t worry, it won’t be a Sopranos cut away.

The LOST producers are currently in New York City at the Promax/BDA's annual conference.  Promax/BDA is an organization that gathers entertainment marketers from various disciplines to advance awareness across the various sectors.  Lindelof likened running the show to brand management and stated that LOST itself had a whopping 37 ancillary parts to its brand including the show, clothing, video games, books, and etc.

As for the end of the show, The Hollywood Reporter does not quote Lindelof’s exact comment but does imply essentially that the producers got the creative team together and hammered out what direction the next 48 episodes of the show will take. 

Carlton Cuse said, of the ending "I'm not sure there is any ending that will satisfy every one, our hope is that the ending will be ... the logical conclusion of the story."

A wave of anxiety washed over LOST fans when Cuse and Lindelof expressed approval over the anti-resolution of The Sopranos.  Lindelof scoffed at the notion that they would leave fans without answers, in fact many of those answers may come sooner than later.

"Obviously, we can't wait to the 48th hour to say, 'Here are all the mysteries of the show,' " Lindelof stated, implying that many mysteries of LOST will be resolved before the show comes to an end.

At the conference, the duo also eluded that some revelations concerning the direction of the show may be revealed at the LOST panel which will take place at this years San Diego Comic Con.

- Jon Lachonis, BuddyTV Senior Writer
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