'Lost' Creator Abrams' Mystery Project has a Title - Maybe
'Lost' Creator Abrams' Mystery Project has a Title - Maybe
Lost Producer JJ Abrams' top-secret monster movie has been the talk of  the net ever since the mysterious, title less trailer premiered with “Transformers.”  Over the last few days some startling new information has popped up on the net, including what appears to be some voyeuristically captured behind the scenes video on YouTube, as well as what very well could be a shot of the poster from the new movie, complete with title.

Since JJ Abrams will be appearing at Comic Con to discuss the new project as well as his upcoming Star Trek production, it is possible that Abrams will come armed with the title of the new film anyways. 

What is believed to be the poster for the film appeared briefly in the window of a South California collectibles shop “Frank and Sons,” and was subsequently removed as the shop shut down.  Currently, signs advertising Comic Con and the G4 network are hanging in the place of the poster.

The blurry composite above is from Cloverfield Clues blog, which has been tracking the developments of the project since it first arrived on the seen.   What you can see is a headless Statue of Liberty overlooking New York.  In the lower right hand corner is the release date of 1-18-08, and across the top is what could potentially be the title of the mysterious film, “Monstrous.”

Lost's Abrams has kept very quiet about the film except to hint through a posting at Aint it Cool News that there is still secret information waiting to be discovered on the Internet.  It is possible the clues that would have led fans to the poster were missed, and this blurry shot is the best representation we will get of the movie poster until Abrams and Paramount unleash the film at Comic Con.

- Jon Lachonis, BuddyTV Senior Writer

source: cloverfieldclues.blogspot.com
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