'Lost,' Best Drama Emmy Nominees Submit Episodes to Academy Voters
'Lost,' Best Drama Emmy Nominees Submit Episodes to Academy Voters
Voting for the Emmys is an interesting process.  For the Best Drama and Best Comedy categories, all the potential nominees send one episode (one hour, so no two-parters) to the Academy members.  Once the final nominations come out, each nominated show then resubmits six hours of television.  They put those six hours on three two-hour tapes, and Academy members are sent only two of those tapes.  They are distributed randomly, meaning that different Academy members will see different episodes.  Why they do this, I have no idea.  They just do.  Today, our friends at Gold Derby released the episode submissions for each Best Drama nominee.  You can find those listed below, with commentary at the bottom. 

Boston Legal

"Mad About You"
"The Court Supreme"
"The Mighty Rogues"
"Patriot Acts"
"The Chicken and the Egg"


"Pilot: Get Me a Lawyer"
"Jesus, Mary and Joe Cocker"
"Sort of Like a Family"
"I Hate These People"
"There's No We Anymore"
"Because I Know Patty"


"Waiting to Exhale"
"An Inconvenient Life"
"The Dark Defender"
"Resistance Is Futile"
"Left Turn Ahead"
"The British Invasion"


"97 Seconds"
"House's Head"
"Wilson's Heart"


"Beginning of the End"
"The Constant"
"Ji Yeon"
"There's No Place Like Home, Parts 1, 2, 3"

Mad Men

"Smoke Gets in Your Eyes"
"The Hobo Code"
"The Long Weekend"
"Nixon vs. Kennedy"
"The Wheel"

This six-episode system really hurts a show like Lost.  With academy members only getting two of the three submitted tapes, a lot of voters will see only one-third or two-thirds of the three part finale.  There is hope, however.  Lost did submit two incredible stand-alone episodes with “The Constant” and “Ji Yeon” (and “The Beginning of the End” isn't so bad itself).  However, will any academy voters who don't actively pay attention to Lost be won over by the episodes.  Probably not.  I know I wouldn't – I'd just be completely baffled as to what was going on.

Mad Men, the critical darling of the year, is probably the front runner for victory.  Boston Legal, Lost and House are known quantities.  Damages wasn't watched by too many people and Dexter isn't the most accessible series for a newcomer.  Mad Men still has that new car smell and is beautifully shot, smartly written, with attractive stars and great acting.  Voters love period pieces, and Mad Men is one of the best television has ever seen. 

-Oscar Dahl, BuddyTV Senior Writer
Source: LA Times
(Image Courtesy of ABC)
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