'Lost' at the Paley Fest: Jack's Baby Mommy, An Island Arrival, And That Hurley Bird
'Lost' at the Paley Fest: Jack's Baby Mommy, An Island Arrival, And That Hurley Bird
The Chile earthquake--and the consequent tsunamis in Hawaii--may have prevented Daniel Dae Kim from flying to Los Angeles for the Paley Fest, but most of who's supposed to come have. Regardless of who's there, however, what's important is what's been revealed about the final episodes of Lost: the questions they'll answer, for one. And by that, I think they mean both the questions that have been out there since the first season, and the questions that they raised as early as last week. You know, stuff like:

Who's the mother of David, Jack's kid? She's someone we've met.

Will Richard and Ilana have an encounter soon? "Ilana and Richard will say things to each other and about each other in the future," Damon Lindelof said.

We will find out Libby and Hurley's connection before the Oceanic 815 crash. Finally. I reckon it's not just shared time at Santa Rosa?

We'll also see more of Charlie, and possibly, more of Walt: "We are working on a way to bring [him] back before Lost is all said and done," Carlton Cuse said. But Vincent will be back, too. And Charles Widmore, too.

We might get an answer to that bird that keeps on saying Hurley's name. I don't think it's a bird.

We probably won't find out about Ben's childhood Island love, Annie. Even the panelists aren't being clear about this, though.

Jacob wasn't lying when he said someone is coming to the Island.

We will see the original Man in Black again. "[I'm] playing a guy who we're not going to see until the finale," Terry O'Quinn said. And since we've pretty much confirmed that Titus Welliver is returning...

They're currently writing the series finale, and shooting episode 16, after just wrapping up, well, episode 15.

Finally, after the series finale, Cuse promises that they will not talk about the series finale once it airs on May 23.

So... what do you make of this?

(Image courtesy of ABC)