Lost: Charlie and Shannon Aren't Returning, But...
Lost: Charlie and Shannon Aren't Returning, But...
In less than twelve hours, the world's eyes lit up.  Well, at least those of Lost fans who are still watching out for what's going to happen when the show's sixth and final season kicks off next year.  There goes the line: the whole thing's still roughly six months away, but things have been pretty much in overdrive.

Here's what we've seen lately: Emilie de Ravin is confirmed to be returning for the upcoming season, after disappearing for the entirety of the last one.  Then there's the matter of Dominic Monaghan showing up in an ABC promo, which led people to think Charlie's returning to the series despite being dead--turns out he's appearing on a different show entirely, Flash Forward.

All of a sudden, someone on Twitter launched an apparent exclusive.  That guy says Monaghan is returning for four episodes, and Maggie Grace is also returning for six episodes, apart from de Ravin's previously announced return.  And, yes, the world's eyes lit up.  Sort of.

First, a few ground rules: Lost fans should very well know that anything can happen.  More so at this point, because they've all yet to start shooting--to be exact, some time in August.  Apparently the writers have yet to return to work, and that's going to happen a month before.  The folks at E! Online caught up with former cast member Rebecca Mader, and she pretty much sums everything up: "Let's face it, with Lost anything is possible. Never say never with Lost ... If they wanted me to come back for a couple of episodes, there'd be smoke coming off my heels coming back."

So, who among those three are returning?  Oh, wait, I should say two--because I shall reiterate, again, that Claire is hitting the sixth season to get things rolling again.

Shannon?  That's pretty much a rumor--Grace's representatives haven't any idea that she's returning, even!  So, as far as they are concerned, it's not happening.

Charlie?  Isn't he showing up on Flash Forward already?  You mean he'll be doing both that and the show it's half-poised to succeed, Lost?  Monaghan's representatives are a little tricky with their answers.  "He might or might not be back on Lost," they said.  "You'll just have to stay tuned."

Take note, again, that (almost) everything is still up in the air, and the plotlines for the last season have yet to be written down on paper.  To complicate things further, the original tweet that started all of this has retracted.  "The source of the Lost casting rumors turned out to be false," the source said.  "I apologize for the inaccurate posting."  The Twitter page itself has disappeared, but you know more things than me, Lost fans.  Anything can happen.

In that case, Entertainment Weekly's Michael Ausiello just revealed the show's producers are, indeed, looking at the availability of some cast members.  A possible return for some?  Sorry.  No details just yet.

-Henrik Batallones, BuddyTV Staff Columnist
Sources: E! Online, Entertainment Weekly
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