'Lost' Alum Experiences 'Fear Itself'
'Lost' Alum Experiences 'Fear Itself'
As a die hard fan of Lost, I hold out hope that one of these days we'll learn more about Libby.  During her character's run on the show in season 2, we learned that she stayed in a mental institution with Hurley and was somewhat responsible for Desmond's trip to the island.  However, Libby was shot and killed by Michael shortly after those mysteries were revealed, leaving her story without an ending.  The character showed up in a ghostly capacity in season 4's "Meet Kevin Johnson," but we're still no closer to knowing the secrets behind Libby's past.

While Libby may be missing in action, actress Cynthia Watros is certainly keeping busy.  Later this summer she'll appear on TBS' The Bill Engvall Show, and tonight she stars in the second installment of NBC's horror anthology series, Fear Itself.

If you're not one of the five million people who tuned in to last week's premiere of Fear Itself, the series spins a different horror tale with a completely new cast each week.  It's similar to Showtime's Masters of Horror, except without the buckets of gore.  Last Thursday's premiere episode was a fairly effective vampire tale featuring Friday Night Lights star Jesse Plemons.  While it was a bit traumatizing to watch FNL's Landry go on a killing rampage as a newly turned vampire, it was still good fun.

Tonight's episode, "Spooked," features the immortal Eric Roberts (Heroes) as a private investigator haunted by ghosts from his past while on a stakeout at a creepy old house.  As amusing as it'd be to see Watros playing another spirit, her character's actually a woman who hires the P.I. to investigate her philandering husband.  The episode was directed by horror veteran Brad Anderson, who helmed such films as Session 9 and The Machinist.

Seeing Watros pop up on the tube is never unwelcome, but is there a chance for Lost fans to see Libby again in the near future?  The actress addressed the question in a recent interview with TV Guide, saying, "I know I get a lot of people coming up to me asking, 'What was Libby's deal?  Why was she in a mental institution?  What was her relationship with Hurley about?'  I don't know if [the writers] want to answer those questions or not, but people want to know."

Like many things on Lost, our questions about Libby will have to remain a mystery for now.  Though we don't know when or if Watros will return to hang with our favorite castaways, you can tune in to see her on Fear Itself tonight at 10pm on NBC.

- Don Williams, BuddyTV Staff Writer
Source: TV Guide
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