Lost Actress Baffled on Show
Lost Actress Baffled on Show
Kris De Leon
Kris De Leon
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Lost is the kind of show that continuously brings forth an element of mystery in its story lines and its characters. Consequently, the enigma that has piled up since the series premiered in 2004 has left viewers curious about the baffling plot. Surprisingly, even the actors on the show have the same sentiments as the viewers, admitting that the cast is also kept in the dark when it comes to the truth behind the mysteries.

Marsha Thomason, British-born actress who plays Naomi, the woman who parachuted into the island, admits that she is lost on Lost. “We’re as in the dark as the audience, really – maybe half a step ahead. We spend our whole time waxing about ‘What’s that about? What does that mean?’ We don’t have a clue; we only know from episode to episode… That’s kind of difficult as an actor, but also freeing in a way, because you just have to play the scenes as they’re written. And then if you find out if you’re a big villain or whatever, then you play that,” she has told Digital Spy.
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Although the Lost actress reveals that she prefers to know everything behind the storylines and the characters, she acknowledges that keeping the cast in the dark is highly advantageous for the success of the show. "You know when that worked really brilliantly? On 24 with Nina Myers. She didn’t have a clue – Sarah [Clarke], the actress – and that made it really brilliant, because she played Nina honestly, really honestly. And then she was a villain. Genius," she has mentioned.

Thomason has also implied that many twists will be surfacing in the 2-hour finale tonight. As for the sudden deaths on the show, she adds, “It doesn’t create fear as such, but there’s definitely a lack of complacency, because everybody knows they’re fortunate to be there and they could face the chop at any moment.”

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