'Lost' Actors Looking for Bigger Paydays
'Lost' Actors Looking for Bigger Paydays
Poring over the salaries of television actors can be somewhat depressing.  The highest paid stars on the tube rake in hundreds of thousands of dollars per episode, which usually adds up to a mere seven or eight days of work.  Meanwhile, those of us who are average mortals must pinch every penny just to afford a gallon of gas.  Such harsh realities make me frown every time I check the contents of my bank account. 

The obscene piles of cash are definitely a perk for those working in the entertainment industry, but there's no denying that they often deserve the money.  TV stars help networks and studios earn millions of dollars every year, so of course they tend to get whatever they ask for.  With only two seasons left before the series comes to an end, Lost stars Matthew Fox and Evangeline Lilly are now looking for a bigger slice of the financial pie.  Do both stars deserve the raise?

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Fox and Lilly currently make $150,000 per episode.  Compare that to the salaries of the Desperate Housewives ladies, who each pull in about $440,000 per episode, or Zach Braff, who earns $350,000 for each half hour of Scrubs.  As for the Lost supporting cast, they pull in between $80,000 - $90,000 per episode.  The Reporter adds that some of the supporting players are also looking for more money now that Fox and Lilly have started negotiations.

Are Fox and Lilly worth more money?  I say yes.  Due to Lost's large ensemble cast, they may not be quite as essential to their show as Charlie Sheen is to Two and a Half Men (he makes $825,000 per episode, by the way), but they're still the two main stars on a massive hit.  Why should they bring in almost 300 grand less per week than the Desperate Housewives actresses?  Even fans who can't stand Jack and Kate would likely agree that those characters are a large reason for the success of the series.

I would guess that ABC Studios will at least be willing to hand over more money to Fox and Lilly, though I'm not sure the supporting actors will receive the same bonuses.  They're undeniably essential to the show, but the ensemble is large, and one pay raise may lead to 10 more.  $90,000 for the supporting players does seem like a rather paltry sum, especially when you think about how much Charlie Sheen makes, but unfortunately the studios don't base salaries on acting ability.  If they did, Michael Emerson would be the highest paid man in Hollywood, and Charlie Sheen would be begging for change outside of a Taco Bell.

There's no word on how big of a raise the Lost stars are hoping to land, but I'm sure we'll be given a number if the negotiations work out.

- Don Williams, BuddyTV Staff Writer

Source: The Hollywood Reporter
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