LOST 3.8 - Flashes Before Your Eyes - EXCLUSIVE Preview!
LOST 3.8 - Flashes Before Your Eyes - EXCLUSIVE Preview!
Last week's LOST dazzled us with hints of a temporal conundrum, black-holes, eerie backwards messages, and surprising character turns with implications that still have LOST fans abuzz.  Will this week's LOST 'Flashes Before Your Eyes' live up to LOST's mythos inducing return, or could it possibly surpass it?  I talked to several people who have seen it, and the word is Not In Portland was only the warm up for LOST fans,  prepare for Flashes Before Your Eyes to blow you away.  (Warning, slight spoilers exist below the fold.)

 The teaser for this week's LOST goes something like this:  Hurley is suspicious of Desmond's apparent ability to see the future and enlists Charlie to help him get the secret out of the volatile Scotsman.  At first pass that seems a little passe, but consider some of the questions that LOST producers promise this episode will address:
  • Why was the scene with Penny at the end of the season two finale.
  • What happened to Desmond when he turned the key.
  • Is Desmond really seeing the future, or is there something more sinister at play?
As far as what we should be looking for in the episode, take part of what the title seems to be saying literally:  the good stuff seems to be in the flashback.  LOST co-creator Damon Lindelof, in fact, told Entertainment Weekly that the LOST flashback device was being used in a way that has never been done before and will never be done again. 

lost-flashes-before-your-eyes.jpg If it's giving you a headache already, don't worry.  Everyone I've spoken to who has seen the episode says that while 'Flashes' leaves plenty of unresolved concepts for you to mull - which is LOST canon - the larger revelations of the episode are easily digestible, albeit a little hard to swallow.   I don't know what they are, but I can give you a few things to chew on.

With 'Not in Portland', LOST leaned towards an explanation for the island that seemed to involve bent time and space (black holes were featured prominently more than once), and if you listened to the brainwashing film backwards, which I know you all did, the insinuation that "Only fools are bound by time and space."   So we should assume there is some sort of force on that island that has some properties Einstein would just love.  Smart money is on the Swan station being at least peripherally tethered to that force, if not totally connected.  If the Swan were somehow maintaining or manipulating a field with bent time and space, it might be safe to assume that Desmond's ability to see the future might come from a trip through time rather than some magnetic brain alteration.  Don't call me spoiler-boy, I'm just guessing here.

The biggest question for some of you may be... 'Is it any good'?  I'm resolute in my unwavering devotion to LOST, but I can take off my rose-colored-glasses long enough to say with as much honest skepticism as I can muster that the excitement over 'Flashes' in the mainstream seems absolutely genuine.

Jeff Jensen from Entertainment Weekly told me one on one:  I will say this: it continues the season's trend toward narrow, deep episodes; it's almost all Des & Pen.  But I liked it  Of the numerous LOST spoilers, Jensen also noted that there was one nice twist which has yet to be revealed.  If you want a little more,  Jensen has a 'Ten Word Tease' directly from Lindelof himself in his column at Entertainment Weekly.

Amongst the other folks out there to give the ep universal praise:  Aintitcoolnews and UsaToday.  Both gushed wildly over the coolness that 'Flashes before you eyes'.  Is the hype true?  There is only one way to find out,  tune in tonight at 10:00pm EST to find out.